Friday, July 19, 2013

Midsummer Nights Wish List

I currently have the online shopping bug. I go through phases, but right now, nursing everett every two hours means I spend a lot of time online shopping on my phone.  Although more like online looking, where I add all of these things to my  online shopping cart and then just metaphorically leave the store, leaving my shopping cart full of  beautiful things abandoned in the middle of an aisle!

 1. Love this J.Crew Factory Pineapple Tee.  All I want to wear in the summer is tee shirts, and this one adds a little sumtin.

2. Yoga Blankets!! I am sure if I crossed the border, I could get these at every corner for like 5 bucks, but they are perfect to throw in your trunk and bring them out for picnics, star gazing, or other summer festivities.  I did recently splurge and pick up a blue one and a red one.

3. I already have a "C" monogrammed gold necklace for myself  but I want to add one of these mini gold Nashelle bar charms with an "e" for Everett

4.  I know every blogger and their mom has a pair of these and I want to be fully apart of the saltwater sandal bandwagon.  From what I hear they are the perfect summer sandal-comfortable, last for years and go with basically everything.  I like the brown and gold.

5.  Tortoise Sunnies. Scream Summer. That is all.

6.  I live with my hair in a ponytail during the summer and I am obsessed with hair ties.  Hair ties > elastics.  They look cute on your wrist and hair, and don't leave kinks. {search 'hair ties' on etsy and you will find a million}

7.  I love this party bobby pin set.

8.  My most coveted item on my wish list. This J.Crew swimsuit will be mine, if it ever goes on sale and is still in my size by the time it does. So pretty, slimming and basic.


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