Monday, July 15, 2013

My Beloved Waterton

*This post won't mean a lot to most people, but I had to write it (I'm all about the memories).  But as I re-read this post I just wrote, tears are rolling down my cheeks. Goodbye to one of my favorite places on earth.

Everett and I are back in Canada for a few weeks. On Friday we went to our cabin in Waterton National Park, it was his first and last time at the MacLennan cabin.  My grandparents have decided to sell their cabin and although I am happy for them that they won't need to worry anymore, it is of course sad to say goodbye to a place where we have so many memories.

Waterton is a tiny little town part of Glacier National Park that is unbelievably beautiful.  Tourists come from all around the world to visit and take in the mountains and lakes and wildlife.  It is a place where there are literally Big Horn Sheep, deer, and bears wandering the town, hundreds of hikes all in an hour vicinity, old fashioned stores and hotels and a huge glacier cold lake.  My very best childhood memories are in Waterton, and not just because it is the coolest little town ever where kids can roam free on their bikes without worry but because the cabin was a place where my whole family would come together.  There would be times where there were 40+ people staying at the cabin, sleeping anywhere and everywhere, cousins sleeping on every available floor space and waking up to my grandparents cooking bacon and pancakes.  I never appreciated how lucky I was to have a cabin there growing up and sometime took Waterton for granted.  Having lived far away for the past six years, I miss it terribly and always want to take a trip to Waterton when I am home to visit.

I remember:

Stopping at the Husky to get chocolate malts on the drive there and my dad promising a dollar to the first person to see a wild animal as we drove into town // Spending hours in our backyard fort under the trees where cinder blocks were 'tv's', boards were 'beds' and branches were 'brooms' // Jumping off the balcony onto the tramp over and over // In the winter sledding off the roof onto gigantic snow drifts that were taller than our dads // Begging our parents for money to go to the candy store. And the day we realized we could get maybe one candy at fancy Welch's or a whole bag of 5 cent candy at Pats // A family walk to the falls where we took pictures every single trip and then Big Scoop for ice cream // Going over the 'gumdrops' on the way to Red Rock, flipping a U-turn and doing it over again...and once more...and just one more time if we really begged  // Hiking Bears Hump in the winter at midnight with plastic bags duck-taped around our shoes (not sure why we thought that was a good idea) // Boating in Grandpa's boat and watching brave souls actually water-ski in their full wet suits //

Laying on the hammock in the front yard with a pile of cousins on top of you // Bonfires at pass creek where half the time was spent cooking wieners and smores and the other half spent building rock bridges from one end of the creek to the other // Swimming across Emerald Bay where even on the hottest day of summer was pure ice water // Walks on summer nights through town, going into all the little stores wanting overpriced moccasins and turquoise rings // Knowing that a line of stopped cars means one thing-bear sighting, and sometimes they got so close you had to get inside, roll up your windows and take a million pictures // Fighting over showers and mirror space Sunday mornings and running down to the church and then sneaking home after sacrament // Singing "Corner Master Store" around the campfire for each and every kids name, I was always "There was Cassie, Cassie being really Sassy in the store, in the stooooooore" //

Playing cards around the kitchen table until late hours of the night // Fighting over futon versus air mattress versus blanket on floor for sleeping space (if you were a kid it was a pure miracle to get an actual bed) // Warming up next to the giant stove after playing in the snow or sledding at Bertha // Ringing the dinner gong when dinner was ready, we all wanted a turn so that gong got rung A LOT! // Watching Jumanji, Ace Ventura and Teen Wolf about 500 times each (they were the only movies there) // Rides around town on Grandpa's golf cart {bonus if you got to drive all by yourself} // Begging our parents to pay for the ridiculously expensive surry rentals, after all my years in Waterton I think they said yes just one time // Hiking (and probably crying for me) to Blakiston, Bears Hump, and Crypt-the other MacLennan's have done way more advanced hikes in Waterton, but I usually found a way to get out of them // Walking up Red Rock literally thinking my feet had frost bite and were going to fall off, but somehow we all got convinced to slide down rock slides into the glacier water // The best 2000 Y2K New Years Eve party ever which included Father Time, roller blades, glow sticks and singing Auld Lang Syne around the campfire at midnight while lightly snowing on us //

It truly is the end of an Era as the MacLennan Cabin will no longer be the MacLennan Cabin, I feel so blessed to have these memories in this beautiful place with my family.  I felt so sad that Everett was not going to get to experience the cabin and Waterton like I did, but I know he will make his own memories in his own favorite places with all his future cousins! 

Goodbye Waterton Cabin. Thanks for the memories!


Mandy Davis said...

I almost cried reading this! So sad to say goodbye!

mynameis tash said...

I love this post Cassie!

jennica said...

This post made me tear up. I love Waterton so much. You, me, Ben and Brian will save up all our money and by it back from whoever bought it somedayt! I'm glad you get to spend one last week there! Miss you! Take lots of pictures!

jennica said...

This post made me tear up. I love Waterton so much. You, me, Ben and Brian will save up all our money and by it back from whoever bought it somedayt! I'm glad you get to spend one last week there! Miss you! Take lots of pictures!

Kristen Ruiz said...

Oh, my heart aches for you Cassie!! You captured all those years so well in this post. It's hard to move on from such wonderful things. I can completely relate - my grandparents sold their farm in Hillspring a few years ago, and it was so tough for all of us cousins to not be able to go back into their house that has sooooo many memories! Be strong!

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