Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Everett: 6 months

Weight: 15.11 (20th percentile) Height: 26.5 inches (50th percentile)Head 43.8cm (70th percentile)
and found his first tooth today!

I can't believe my baby is half a year old! I can hardly remember a time before he came? Just a vague memory of sleeping all night and sitting in the front seat of the car instead of the back.  He really is getting so fun, our favorite thing to do is go on the bed, pull the covers back and he rolls all over and we tickle him and blow raspberries and he crunches Costco water bottles (his toy of choice) and it's a merry time.

Everett is my little best friend.  It can be lonely and sometimes monotonousness on nights when Ben works and now is starting school again but he really is such a fun cute little shadow most of the time.  I talk to him all day, tell him all my thoughts, read blogs to him sometimes and we eat all of our meals together and he steals sips of my apple juice.

I have loved watching him learn new things and he has such a personality these days.  He bats his eye lashes at us when he knows we are talking about how cute he is, he gets so excited when we scare him or surprise him that he buries his head into our shoulders and tries to crawl over our shoulders, he laughs his head off when we say "what do you think you're doing" like he's been caught being naughty and is so curious about everything that he refuses to eat if there is anyone or anything close to him.

As far as sleeping goes, this month has been a tough one.  We have decided to sleep train and let him cry it out because he was literally waking up 4-6 times a night and not letting us put him down until he was in a deep deep sleep.  It has been really really hard and I have hated every minute of it, and although I don't think it is working as fast as it does for some people, it does seem to be helping.  He is still night waking even when he is not hungry (I know because I am still feeding him twice a night) but we let him cry it out and he is slowly learning how to self soothe himself. I have to keep telling myself that we are helping him learn to get the sleep we both so desperately need.  Naps are the hardest part, did you moms sleep train at night as the same time as naps?  He protests naps so much more!  Any tips would be much appreciated?
^^^Gotta love the baby bum  // This hardly ever happens anymore // Bjorn lover.  Man carrying baby=hot!

He loves to eat, he eats every two hours, but we are working on stretching it to every three.  He does this
thing now when he eats, he takes his free hand and plays with and pulls my hair, if i put my hair back he wants his hand in my mouth. I kind of like it. When we first tried solids with him about a month ago he seemed to love it, but lately we hardly even give him a little taste of anything and he is gagging and then refuses to open his mouth anymore.  He does love his mesh feeder though and so we put fruit in there and he sucks it dry, yet if we put the exact same fruit on a spoon all mashed up he won't have it. hmmmmm...weird kid.

Everett is a rolling master, he rolls himself all over the room and if you leave him in one place, run to the bathroom, he will be somewhere completely different when you come back.  He also loves to stand and 'walk' all over the place with our help.  He has shown no interest in sitting up and will straighten and tighten his whole body when you try to put him in a sitting position so that you have no choice but to stand him up. He loves toys but gets bored of his familiar ones, this has led me to the conclusion to never buy expensive toys because as long as it is new, he will love it (very temporarily), even if it is a a strap off your diaper bag.

^^^Shake Shack Selfie // When we go shopping, Everett likes to push the cart.

We are getting out and about more these days, he likes to be outside and loves looking at everything while we are in stores, he is not great in the car so driving to and fro is the hardest part.  We got a Baby Bjorn Active while we were in NH and he loves loves it, I wish we would have gotten it sooner.  He is starting to have stranger anxiety though, if he goes to a new person, he will act all scared and then start bawling until he is back in Ben or I's arms. I swore my baby wouldn't be like that but I guess when he sees my face all day, that's what I get....I really need to get some more friends....

  ^^^Can you believe their skin tones against each other??  Although they have opposite coloring, everyone says they see Ben in him.

It has been the hardest but most amazing and happiest six months.  I am not going to lie, it is really really hard but it is absolutely amazing how much I love him.  I sneak in and watch him sleep and I can hardly believe I can love so completely.  I have these moments throughout the day where he will smile at me or just look at me and I feel so lucky and I have to just pick him up and kiss his fat little cheeks. It's hard to explain without being corny and I didn't get it before when I would hear other moms gush like this.  I get it now.

I can't WAIT to see what the next six months brings.

                 ^^^My love.

Friday, August 23, 2013

To the weekend!

Everett and Grandpa Tremblay  
Have you guys seen that ecard thing that says "Yahoo it's the weekend!!!.......oh wait I'm a mom"  It is kind of true as Everett definitely doesn't know the difference between a Wednesday or a Saturday, and Ben has an all over the place schedule not necessarily working weekdays or weekends.  Yet I still look forward to the weekends, I kind of love the crazy busy Costco on a Saturday morning and lines out the door at Cafe Rio on a Friday night.  It makes me feel part of the masses loving the weekend, getting out and about and making the most of the days off from school and work. Even though Ben has to work this weekend, I am hoping we can get some things done (like organize the mess that is our storage shed) and also some fun stuff, maybe some games with friends or at least a meal out!

Now some things:

I think we got a little addicted to HGTV while we were staying with my in-laws in New Hampshire.  It is strangely addicting and I find myself asking Ben to 'pause it' and wait for me to get back from the bathroom or something.  hashtag we are officially old.  Plus I love all the Canadians on there, the accent is hilarious to pick up on now that I am not as used to it, makes me feel at home.

Provo has that back to school feeling, I am glad I am not heading back but I do have the desire to buy sharpies and notebooks.

We got really really unlucky while on Vacation and Everett got an ear infection and I got mastitis so we had to make two visits to insta-care while in New Hampshire (We don't have health insurance outside of Utah)  We are expecting two bills each $500+. It keeps me up at night.  hashtag I miss Canada

We are currently in the middle of sleep the last three days have been full of doubt and guilt for me and crying from all parties involved.  I know this is something we have to do, Everett was waking up 4-6 times a night and having to be rocked back into a deep sleep before we could put him down, I was dying and something had to change.  It is tough though!  I get all sweaty and teary listening to him cry and want to give up immediately, but it does seem to be working.  Last night Everett cried for 9 minutes, slept for 7.5 hours straight (never in his life has he slept more than 4) woke up, ate once and then slept for 4 more hours.  It was like a dream.

I am obsessed with this site lately.  It is like sky mall but way cuter.  They find the best, cutest, practical stuff. I want all of it.

We bought pass of all passes this summer for 7 peaks.  Ask me how many times we have been?.......whoops. hashtag not once (ok I know that is super annoying, this isn't Kasey from the bachelorette's blog, I'm done.)

Did you guys see Kim and Kanye finally released a picture of NORTH! I know they are ridiculous but I love my Kardashians.  She is pretty cute, even though she looks just like Kanye and I still haven't forgiven him for the T-Swift incident.

Well that was my list of completely random things on this mommymind.  Cheers to the weekend!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Hailey Girl

A little history: 12 years ago today, my baby sister Hailey was born.  She was born at 28 weeks weighing only 1 pound 3 ounces.  She was the smallest thing I have ever seen, no taller than a Barbie doll, no heavier than a pound of butter and my dad's wedding ring could fit all the way up her tiny legs and arms.  Hailey was a fighter and despite so many physical trials, the biggest being her underdeveloped lungs she made it!  She was in the hospital for one year straight, had multiple surgeries and setbacks but kept fighting.  Today, she still has some physical and mental delays but she is such a fun, hilarious and sweet little blessing in our family.

Today has got to be one of Hailey's favorite days of the year because she LOVES the happy birthday song and we sing it to her all day long today!  In honor of Hailey's 12th birthday, I wanted to write down just some of the reasons I love her!

  • She will always say "Hi" to you!
  • The way she sings her name "Haaaiii-lllleeeeyyyy" It was one of her first words and it is still the cutest.
  • I love how she eats nuts and toast, she will bite your whole hand off while giving her a bite if you are not careful.  She also will not spit out or swallow the almonds, but save them in her cheeks for a while like a little chipmunk.
  • How she smacks her lips and says "ahhhh" after a nice cold drink.
  • She is so eager to learn new things, and loves when you sit down with her and practice something new, and she is SO proud of herself and so happy when she gets it and we cheer for her.
  • She gives the best hugs and kisses and will say "awwwww" for herself after
  • She loves Taylor Swift and listens to her all day long, she loves when you sing kids songs to her too.
  • She is the only person I know that genuinely likes being tickled.  She will keep asking for more and more after you stop.  
  • She is pretty easily pleased. Take her swimming or outside to play with a ball or bubbles and you will be her new best friend.
  • She makes sure our family stays close and connected.  Because of her obsession with phone calls and face time, I talk to her and my family usually multiple times a day.  There is nothing better than a voicemail with Hailey saying "HHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIII"
  • I love that when she wants to read a book with you she will jump up beside you, sit as close as she can to you and put her arm around your neck.
  • She loves chocolate and ice cream (a girl after my own heart) but don't plan on sitting and sharing an ice cream treat because she will not let you get a bite in!
  • I could watch her eat corn on the cob all day long.  One of the funniest things in the world, she gets aggressive with that cob!
  • Her laugh is beyond contagious and makes you want to keep doing whatever it is you are doing to make her laugh.
  • She gives the best bedtime cuddles and I love when she will fall asleep on the couch with me watching a movie or something
The best thing about Hailey is she loves us all so unconditionally.  Since I have had Everett I haven't been able to give her as much attention as I usually do, but she is so forgiving and it is almost like she understands that I need to take care of the baby for now.  She is younger than me but such an inspiration to me, she has had to go through so much in her tiny life and can't always tell us how she is feeling, but she is a very happy twelve year old (most of the time). She really is such a blessing and a joy in our family, she is a lot of work and my parents are so amazing and patient with her but I saw first hand twelve years ago as she brought us closer together and made us stronger.  

We love you Hailey girl, I hope you have the best day, I'll call later and sing to you again!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sweet Echo

Echo Lake is good for the soul....As is sleeping in till 10:40 one morning (thanks mom)

Ben met Everett and I and the whole MacLennan fam at Echo Lake and it was such a happy reunion.  So many kisses for Everett and 'ok, it's your turn's' for Ben after three weeks apart.  {Side note: Apparently in our three week absence, Ben forgot how to put a diaper on and I found Everett's diaper on backwards not once but twice}

Echo was a little different this year because we were missing a lot of the older cousins and their kids and my bff Kylie, who we all missed dearly but we still had way too much fun and again, one of my favorite weeks of the year.  

There was tubing and roof jumping and eating, oh so much eating. It seemed like we would barley finish breakfast and we were already looming around the kitchen for our next meal. There were some nail biting Scrabble matches and some hilarious games of charades and werewolf {not to mention a steaming debate on whether it is pronounced Weir-Wolf or Ware-Wolf, the latter...obviously} 

Everett did really good and got lots of attention from all his aunts, uncles, cousins etc.  I was scared to take him on the boat, thinking he might hate it and ruin someone's ski or a tube war but when we took him out on the last day, he loved it, and almost fell asleep in my arms.  I wasn't very adventurous this year, partly because there was a baby on my hip a lot of the time and partly because I'm even more of a wimp since I had a baby.  I did make a point to go for a swim at least once a day to the buoy and back which was refreshing and relaxing and Ben forced me out on the tubes once which was neither refreshing nor relaxing but still really fun, even though I stayed in the safe middle seat the whole time.

It was another great family reunion and I can't wait till next year when Ev is a little older and we can throw him on the tubes and get the kid slaloming already!  

We were the last ones to leave, as we decided to drive home through the night (remember Everett hates his car seat with a fiery passion) and I didn't want to sing Wheels on the Bus for 10 hours.  Although it was mostly good for Everett it took Ben and I a few days and lots of taking turns napping to recover.  

^^^ Catching up on the Bachelorette cabin style....obvi

Until next year Echo Lake.

Ps-Echo Lake last year here
and an awesome Instagram video of Echo Lake that I spent way too much time making.

The Call of the Mountains

Well I have a lot of blog catch up to do, which is why I am blogging on a Sunday, which is basically a blogger faux-pas, but I also don't like Chevron, so I'm not a real blogger anyways!

I wrote about our cabin in Waterton here, and how it was being sold this summer. Well Everett and I made it just in time, the night before it sold so I could tell him one day that he got to see the dear cabin. We walked all around beautiful Waterton, stopped at Cameron Falls and of course Big Scoop as you do while walking 'downtown'.  Here are some pictures.

Who is sick of pictures of me and the baby? Me? No. Everett's Grandparents? Probably not.  Then onward we go I say!

Pretty Pretty eh!  And my favorite, which by accident wound up as my wallpaper on all my devices. Behold:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Everett: 5 Months

^^^These pictures were not planned or posed, I was getting E ready for his bath and there is just something about a baby in his diaper and white sheets. 

Well guys, I have a pretty happy baby these days.  There were times deep in the throes of colic where I thought I would never be able to say that, but I can! He loves to smile, smiling is his favorite.  All you have to do is make eye contact with him and he will light up!  We went to Canada for three weeks and I think it was so good for him to be around so many people, he is much more social and not nervous around strangers like he was getting to be before we left.  People would say to me "He is such a happy baby" and "so smiley" and at first I would look behind me like, 'Happy baby? Where?' but he really is quite the ham.


He is a mover! He is constantly wiggling and the second we lay him down on his back he immediately rolls onto his stomach, which is making diaper changes increasingly difficult.  He is also so curious about everything and everyone around him.  He refuses to eat 'covered' and will pull the blanket away (flash alert) and if I talk to anyone while he is eating he will promptly pull away and look at me until I stop, then he will resume.  Everett babbles all day long, he has the cutest little high pitched oohs and awws and can also complain when he wants to, it is crazy how much he can communicate without saying a word.

He is SO interested in what we are eating and watches in awe as bring fork to mouth.  We have recently started rice cereal (not a fan) but also mushed up peaches, avocados and bananas (more of a fan).  His favorite though is to suck on a nice cold juicy piece of melon like watermelon or cantaloupe.  In fact he likes to suck on everything.  Every thing goes straight from hand to his mouth.  He sometimes just keeps his mouth open all the time just in case something comes across that he can suck on.  I think he is definitely pre teething, although we can't feel anything yet.
      ^^^These two

Everett would like it known that he will not be taking a bottle probably ever so deal with it.  This makes me his slave every two hours but I won't complain because I like breast feeding for the most part and a lot of people have told me their babies wouldn't take a bottle either and went straight to sippy cups.  This goes for soothers too 'ain't nobody got time for that'.  There was a five day period where he would suck his thumb and it was pretty adorable, but that didn't last long either.  Heaven forbid he have a soothing mechanism to help him sleep better...

Speaking of sleep....pretty non existent over here.  I probably shouldn't write about it after a night like last night, because last night I don't think he slept longer than a 40 minute period and woke up probably 10-15 times.  I'm not sure, I'm pretty delirious.  We are planning on sleep training the second we get back from our East Coast trip in a couple weeks, because I literally think the men in white coats will have to pick me up soon if I don't start getting some sleep.  I told Ben the other day that if someone offered me a million dollars or a week of 10 hour uninterrupted sleeps, I would totally hesitate for like five minutes.

                                                    ^^^July 4th

Besides the sleeping thing (oh and the him despising his car seat with every fiber of his being thing), I think we are doing pretty good, I feel like I am getting to be less of a nervous wreck mom and getting the hang of things day by day.  Everett makes me laugh every day and I love seeing more of his personality. Five months is a good one so far.

Ps: People keep telling me they think he has strawberry blonde hair, personally I think it will turn white blonde like mine did soon, but if not I will sure love my little ginger bum.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Cassie and Everett take Canada

Well Everett and I left our poor Ben in Utah and we jetted off to Canada to stay with my family for a few weeks.  Poor Everett was getting sick of our tiny apartment and only seeing my face all day so we decided his grandparents should get some real life face time in, not to mention my mom's cooking and help with the baby for me!  It FLEW by, and although we missed our pop pop dearly, it was so so great to be home.

We made it just in time to spend a night in our Waterton Cabin and tote Everett all over the town, but that is another post for another time.

We currently have a pool in our backyard, a sort of rarity here in Lethbridge Alberta so it is constantly a party at our house.  At any given time there are people coming over to swim.  Everett loved being outside watching the kids swim and joined in himself a couple times for a good five minutes before realizing he would rather stick to spectating.

 ^^^Everett sleeping through his first parade.  He did however wake up in a complete panic at the sirens
 ^^^My little brother playing with Everett in Waterton
 ^^^I mean....that face
 ^^^Big and Little. My sweet Grandpa and my sweet Everett

^^^Oh just Everett enjoying some cool watermelon on a hot day.

I love watching my family with Everett.  My dad is the best at getting him to sleep while singing him a made up lullaby, my mom can get him to giggle by just looking at him, Matt refuses to talk in a baby voice but Everett smiles the biggest for him, Carly is always willing to hold and snuggle him, and even Hailey can give a sweet hug and a head rub to him when she wants to. I have realized even more since we have had Everett how important family is and how much I need each of my parents and siblings all in different ways. They bring out the best in me.

Now that we are back home in Utah it is rather lonely in our little apartment.  I think Everett loved all the attention and I really feel like he grew leaps and bounds developmentally and socially being around so many people. My goal is that one day we will end up somewhere closer to family because there is nothing quite like seeing your baby getting loved on by the ones you love so dear.
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