Friday, August 2, 2013

Cassie and Everett take Canada

Well Everett and I left our poor Ben in Utah and we jetted off to Canada to stay with my family for a few weeks.  Poor Everett was getting sick of our tiny apartment and only seeing my face all day so we decided his grandparents should get some real life face time in, not to mention my mom's cooking and help with the baby for me!  It FLEW by, and although we missed our pop pop dearly, it was so so great to be home.

We made it just in time to spend a night in our Waterton Cabin and tote Everett all over the town, but that is another post for another time.

We currently have a pool in our backyard, a sort of rarity here in Lethbridge Alberta so it is constantly a party at our house.  At any given time there are people coming over to swim.  Everett loved being outside watching the kids swim and joined in himself a couple times for a good five minutes before realizing he would rather stick to spectating.

 ^^^Everett sleeping through his first parade.  He did however wake up in a complete panic at the sirens
 ^^^My little brother playing with Everett in Waterton
 ^^^I mean....that face
 ^^^Big and Little. My sweet Grandpa and my sweet Everett

^^^Oh just Everett enjoying some cool watermelon on a hot day.

I love watching my family with Everett.  My dad is the best at getting him to sleep while singing him a made up lullaby, my mom can get him to giggle by just looking at him, Matt refuses to talk in a baby voice but Everett smiles the biggest for him, Carly is always willing to hold and snuggle him, and even Hailey can give a sweet hug and a head rub to him when she wants to. I have realized even more since we have had Everett how important family is and how much I need each of my parents and siblings all in different ways. They bring out the best in me.

Now that we are back home in Utah it is rather lonely in our little apartment.  I think Everett loved all the attention and I really feel like he grew leaps and bounds developmentally and socially being around so many people. My goal is that one day we will end up somewhere closer to family because there is nothing quite like seeing your baby getting loved on by the ones you love so dear.


Kaitlin Robinson said...

Cassie, he is the most darling baby! I love all of your pictures!

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