Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Everett: 5 Months

^^^These pictures were not planned or posed, I was getting E ready for his bath and there is just something about a baby in his diaper and white sheets. 

Well guys, I have a pretty happy baby these days.  There were times deep in the throes of colic where I thought I would never be able to say that, but I can! He loves to smile, smiling is his favorite.  All you have to do is make eye contact with him and he will light up!  We went to Canada for three weeks and I think it was so good for him to be around so many people, he is much more social and not nervous around strangers like he was getting to be before we left.  People would say to me "He is such a happy baby" and "so smiley" and at first I would look behind me like, 'Happy baby? Where?' but he really is quite the ham.


He is a mover! He is constantly wiggling and the second we lay him down on his back he immediately rolls onto his stomach, which is making diaper changes increasingly difficult.  He is also so curious about everything and everyone around him.  He refuses to eat 'covered' and will pull the blanket away (flash alert) and if I talk to anyone while he is eating he will promptly pull away and look at me until I stop, then he will resume.  Everett babbles all day long, he has the cutest little high pitched oohs and awws and can also complain when he wants to, it is crazy how much he can communicate without saying a word.

He is SO interested in what we are eating and watches in awe as bring fork to mouth.  We have recently started rice cereal (not a fan) but also mushed up peaches, avocados and bananas (more of a fan).  His favorite though is to suck on a nice cold juicy piece of melon like watermelon or cantaloupe.  In fact he likes to suck on everything.  Every thing goes straight from hand to his mouth.  He sometimes just keeps his mouth open all the time just in case something comes across that he can suck on.  I think he is definitely pre teething, although we can't feel anything yet.
      ^^^These two

Everett would like it known that he will not be taking a bottle probably ever so deal with it.  This makes me his slave every two hours but I won't complain because I like breast feeding for the most part and a lot of people have told me their babies wouldn't take a bottle either and went straight to sippy cups.  This goes for soothers too 'ain't nobody got time for that'.  There was a five day period where he would suck his thumb and it was pretty adorable, but that didn't last long either.  Heaven forbid he have a soothing mechanism to help him sleep better...

Speaking of sleep....pretty non existent over here.  I probably shouldn't write about it after a night like last night, because last night I don't think he slept longer than a 40 minute period and woke up probably 10-15 times.  I'm not sure, I'm pretty delirious.  We are planning on sleep training the second we get back from our East Coast trip in a couple weeks, because I literally think the men in white coats will have to pick me up soon if I don't start getting some sleep.  I told Ben the other day that if someone offered me a million dollars or a week of 10 hour uninterrupted sleeps, I would totally hesitate for like five minutes.

                                                    ^^^July 4th

Besides the sleeping thing (oh and the him despising his car seat with every fiber of his being thing), I think we are doing pretty good, I feel like I am getting to be less of a nervous wreck mom and getting the hang of things day by day.  Everett makes me laugh every day and I love seeing more of his personality. Five months is a good one so far.

Ps: People keep telling me they think he has strawberry blonde hair, personally I think it will turn white blonde like mine did soon, but if not I will sure love my little ginger bum.


D & DB said...

I have been out of the blogging loop for a while. I didn't know your adorable little one had colic. can i just say you are my hero? honestly, i know there are a zillion ridiculously hard trials, but colic, in my opinion, would be so incredibly difficult. i can't believe you did it. you are amazing! i read your blog earlier this morning and have thought about you all day.

anyway, just wanted you to know you are an example to me! and i hope things just keep getting better and better.


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