Monday, August 19, 2013

Hailey Girl

A little history: 12 years ago today, my baby sister Hailey was born.  She was born at 28 weeks weighing only 1 pound 3 ounces.  She was the smallest thing I have ever seen, no taller than a Barbie doll, no heavier than a pound of butter and my dad's wedding ring could fit all the way up her tiny legs and arms.  Hailey was a fighter and despite so many physical trials, the biggest being her underdeveloped lungs she made it!  She was in the hospital for one year straight, had multiple surgeries and setbacks but kept fighting.  Today, she still has some physical and mental delays but she is such a fun, hilarious and sweet little blessing in our family.

Today has got to be one of Hailey's favorite days of the year because she LOVES the happy birthday song and we sing it to her all day long today!  In honor of Hailey's 12th birthday, I wanted to write down just some of the reasons I love her!

  • She will always say "Hi" to you!
  • The way she sings her name "Haaaiii-lllleeeeyyyy" It was one of her first words and it is still the cutest.
  • I love how she eats nuts and toast, she will bite your whole hand off while giving her a bite if you are not careful.  She also will not spit out or swallow the almonds, but save them in her cheeks for a while like a little chipmunk.
  • How she smacks her lips and says "ahhhh" after a nice cold drink.
  • She is so eager to learn new things, and loves when you sit down with her and practice something new, and she is SO proud of herself and so happy when she gets it and we cheer for her.
  • She gives the best hugs and kisses and will say "awwwww" for herself after
  • She loves Taylor Swift and listens to her all day long, she loves when you sing kids songs to her too.
  • She is the only person I know that genuinely likes being tickled.  She will keep asking for more and more after you stop.  
  • She is pretty easily pleased. Take her swimming or outside to play with a ball or bubbles and you will be her new best friend.
  • She makes sure our family stays close and connected.  Because of her obsession with phone calls and face time, I talk to her and my family usually multiple times a day.  There is nothing better than a voicemail with Hailey saying "HHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIII"
  • I love that when she wants to read a book with you she will jump up beside you, sit as close as she can to you and put her arm around your neck.
  • She loves chocolate and ice cream (a girl after my own heart) but don't plan on sitting and sharing an ice cream treat because she will not let you get a bite in!
  • I could watch her eat corn on the cob all day long.  One of the funniest things in the world, she gets aggressive with that cob!
  • Her laugh is beyond contagious and makes you want to keep doing whatever it is you are doing to make her laugh.
  • She gives the best bedtime cuddles and I love when she will fall asleep on the couch with me watching a movie or something
The best thing about Hailey is she loves us all so unconditionally.  Since I have had Everett I haven't been able to give her as much attention as I usually do, but she is so forgiving and it is almost like she understands that I need to take care of the baby for now.  She is younger than me but such an inspiration to me, she has had to go through so much in her tiny life and can't always tell us how she is feeling, but she is a very happy twelve year old (most of the time). She really is such a blessing and a joy in our family, she is a lot of work and my parents are so amazing and patient with her but I saw first hand twelve years ago as she brought us closer together and made us stronger.  

We love you Hailey girl, I hope you have the best day, I'll call later and sing to you again!


Amira said...

She sounds like an amazing human being, and you are an amazing sister :-)

Jenn @ What You Make It said...

LOVE this. What a sweetheart. I hope she has an amazing birthday!

Brynn Snyder said...

what a great post! we love hailey too! I never hear the phrase "good girl" that same way now, I also think of her when I hear it!

Sarah said...

Oh Happy Birthday Hailey Girl!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!! A singing birthday card might be a perfect gift!! You could record your voice even :)

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