Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sweet Echo

Echo Lake is good for the soul....As is sleeping in till 10:40 one morning (thanks mom)

Ben met Everett and I and the whole MacLennan fam at Echo Lake and it was such a happy reunion.  So many kisses for Everett and 'ok, it's your turn's' for Ben after three weeks apart.  {Side note: Apparently in our three week absence, Ben forgot how to put a diaper on and I found Everett's diaper on backwards not once but twice}

Echo was a little different this year because we were missing a lot of the older cousins and their kids and my bff Kylie, who we all missed dearly but we still had way too much fun and again, one of my favorite weeks of the year.  

There was tubing and roof jumping and eating, oh so much eating. It seemed like we would barley finish breakfast and we were already looming around the kitchen for our next meal. There were some nail biting Scrabble matches and some hilarious games of charades and werewolf {not to mention a steaming debate on whether it is pronounced Weir-Wolf or Ware-Wolf, the latter...obviously} 

Everett did really good and got lots of attention from all his aunts, uncles, cousins etc.  I was scared to take him on the boat, thinking he might hate it and ruin someone's ski or a tube war but when we took him out on the last day, he loved it, and almost fell asleep in my arms.  I wasn't very adventurous this year, partly because there was a baby on my hip a lot of the time and partly because I'm even more of a wimp since I had a baby.  I did make a point to go for a swim at least once a day to the buoy and back which was refreshing and relaxing and Ben forced me out on the tubes once which was neither refreshing nor relaxing but still really fun, even though I stayed in the safe middle seat the whole time.

It was another great family reunion and I can't wait till next year when Ev is a little older and we can throw him on the tubes and get the kid slaloming already!  

We were the last ones to leave, as we decided to drive home through the night (remember Everett hates his car seat with a fiery passion) and I didn't want to sing Wheels on the Bus for 10 hours.  Although it was mostly good for Everett it took Ben and I a few days and lots of taking turns napping to recover.  

^^^ Catching up on the Bachelorette cabin style....obvi

Until next year Echo Lake.

Ps-Echo Lake last year here
and an awesome Instagram video of Echo Lake that I spent way too much time making.


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