Friday, August 23, 2013

To the weekend!

Everett and Grandpa Tremblay  
Have you guys seen that ecard thing that says "Yahoo it's the weekend!!!.......oh wait I'm a mom"  It is kind of true as Everett definitely doesn't know the difference between a Wednesday or a Saturday, and Ben has an all over the place schedule not necessarily working weekdays or weekends.  Yet I still look forward to the weekends, I kind of love the crazy busy Costco on a Saturday morning and lines out the door at Cafe Rio on a Friday night.  It makes me feel part of the masses loving the weekend, getting out and about and making the most of the days off from school and work. Even though Ben has to work this weekend, I am hoping we can get some things done (like organize the mess that is our storage shed) and also some fun stuff, maybe some games with friends or at least a meal out!

Now some things:

I think we got a little addicted to HGTV while we were staying with my in-laws in New Hampshire.  It is strangely addicting and I find myself asking Ben to 'pause it' and wait for me to get back from the bathroom or something.  hashtag we are officially old.  Plus I love all the Canadians on there, the accent is hilarious to pick up on now that I am not as used to it, makes me feel at home.

Provo has that back to school feeling, I am glad I am not heading back but I do have the desire to buy sharpies and notebooks.

We got really really unlucky while on Vacation and Everett got an ear infection and I got mastitis so we had to make two visits to insta-care while in New Hampshire (We don't have health insurance outside of Utah)  We are expecting two bills each $500+. It keeps me up at night.  hashtag I miss Canada

We are currently in the middle of sleep the last three days have been full of doubt and guilt for me and crying from all parties involved.  I know this is something we have to do, Everett was waking up 4-6 times a night and having to be rocked back into a deep sleep before we could put him down, I was dying and something had to change.  It is tough though!  I get all sweaty and teary listening to him cry and want to give up immediately, but it does seem to be working.  Last night Everett cried for 9 minutes, slept for 7.5 hours straight (never in his life has he slept more than 4) woke up, ate once and then slept for 4 more hours.  It was like a dream.

I am obsessed with this site lately.  It is like sky mall but way cuter.  They find the best, cutest, practical stuff. I want all of it.

We bought pass of all passes this summer for 7 peaks.  Ask me how many times we have been?.......whoops. hashtag not once (ok I know that is super annoying, this isn't Kasey from the bachelorette's blog, I'm done.)

Did you guys see Kim and Kanye finally released a picture of NORTH! I know they are ridiculous but I love my Kardashians.  She is pretty cute, even though she looks just like Kanye and I still haven't forgiven him for the T-Swift incident.

Well that was my list of completely random things on this mommymind.  Cheers to the weekend!


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