Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fall-ISH + Happy Halloween

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October, that's a wrap!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Observations of a New Mom: Part III

Well, here we are in month 8 or how moms sometimes like to say it 32 weeks.  Speaking of observations, I always confused BC (before child) when I would ask a mom how old their baby was and they would say '16 weeks' or when they are over a year '24 months'.  I would have to do some major calculations in my head and be like 'oh so 4 months?' or 'so he's two?' Now I get it, I think its because all of our baby books and apps speak this language, and also because we want them to stay little and 18 months sounds littler than a year and a half.

Here are a few more things I have observed in my short time as a new mom:
  • There is no more calling or riding 'shotgun' for the next part of my life.  I am a backseat girl now with my boyfriend Everett who HATES the car. 
  • Dr. Suess was probably a little disturbed. Seriously, his illustrations give me nightmares.  Everett seems to like it just fine though!
^^^ I mean....
  • I believe there is a significant difference between name brand and store brand diapers (and even wipes) We bleed Huggies over here.
  • I have noticed how handy it is to now travel everywhere with wipes, and not just for Everett but for me! Spill some ketchup on my pants? Got a wipe for that. Sticky hands after J Dawgs? Got a wipe for that.  Also a stroller is basically a cart while shopping-the best.
  • I am the freak who likes your instagram pic literally 4 seconds after you post it.  Everett is still eating every 2 hours, so I am on it on the reg.  Also no new instagrams from the 2am feeding till the 5am feeding? LAME! 
  • Ben is Everett's official taste tester and takes it upon himself to taste test literally everything we put in E's mouth. Gripe water, teething tablets, antibiotics, infant tylenol, teething gel (after Ben tried this he swore we would NEVER give this to Everett again while washing out his mouth in disgust), all his baby food etc.
  • When single people complain of being 'soooo tired'  I do that evil laugh cackle thing. #youdontevenKNOW
  • The difference it makes for me if Everett gets up in the 6am hour versus the 7am hour is astounding. I know it doesn't make any sense. It is just a mental thing I think.
    • 6:50am wake up-'oh my gosh, sweet mercy! Can you watch cartoons yet? Nooooo! HELP'
    • 7:10am wake up-'good morning sweetheart! What a good sleeper you are! Let's do this!
  • Why is everything that once was delicious, disgusting once you puree it? I can't even think about trying it for Everett when it is mushed, even though I could have eaten it 10 seconds before when it was in whole form. Seriously! I've been off smoothies since Everett started solids.
Being a mom is seriously hilarious.  I love it all!

Observations of a new mom Part I and Part II here.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Because everyone's doing it:

Some pretty good stuff I found on the world wide web this week: 

I am pretty sure this video will have like millions of views in the next couple days and it should because OMG this is the most epic proposal you will ever see! EVER!  I can't believe it is real, yes it is really long but sit back and watch the whole thing!  Just wow. 

A lot of you may have already seen this, but I read it yesterday and loved this article on the best parenting tip ever.  My parents were really good at this and it meant a lot.  Also this women who took the words to heart and tried it out.

Ron Swanson is one of my favorite characters on one of my favorite shows, these are so funny.

This blog (Hey Natalie Jean formerly known as Nat the Fat Rat) is my favorite blog ever.  I have read every post she has ever written and she is my imaginary best friend.   Basically 'I saw Natalie Holbrook wearing army pants and flip flops, so i bought army pants and flip flops'.  Anyways, she posted the best pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe, so obviously I made it that very day and they were awesome {after some trial and error, 380 F for 10 minutes worked perfectly for me}

Oh One Tree Hill has such a special place in my heart. Here is a trip down memory lane.

This blogger is one of my favorite people to follow on instagram, such cute photos and major style envy.

I am working on this for Everett's room right now, the family tree got a makeover.

and finally this video: my new puppy Everett chasing his tail monkey footed pajamas

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


This anniversary feels different than the last two, not just because Everett is teething and Ben worked last night so we each got about 3 hours of sleep, and not because my 'card' to him was spelling out 'happy anniversary' with Everett's fridge magnet letters, but because I feel more seasoned.  I know you 10+ers laugh at that, because three years is nothing, but I don't really feel like a newlywed anymore.  I'm starting to feel like one of those couples I used to look at when I was little that weren't brand new, but got each other, knew every thing about each other, not on the newlywed high anymore but still so happy.  I'm starting to feel like the couple like how I saw my parents growing up maybe. We have a rhythm, we are a team, we are our own family.

No he doesn't give me a foot massage daily anymore and he absolutely will not appease me and pretend to like shopping anymore like he would in the early days, but he will stand up for me when only he knows I need someone to and he will take Everett when he knows I need a break, without me even having to ask. You know, the good stuff.  He knows me, he gets me and vise versa.

When I met Ben, I felt so so lucky. I still feel so lucky that I found him and he loves me like I love him.

 Happy three years Ben, we got this!

Ps-Tonight we are celebrating by having my sister come watch Everett after he goes to sleep and going on our favorite date, dinner and a movie. And we'll probably watch the new epi of Survivor when we get home, because can I say something? Season 26 is good!

Friday, October 4, 2013


The DIVERGENT series! I feel like I am a little late to the bandwagon on this one.  I loved it!  I read the first two books in two days and then was all ready to jump into the third and realized it isn't out yet! People told me it is like the Hunger Games....and it is....I think I liked it better but the Hunger Games though, the movie kind of tainted the books for me (Peeta-EW) so I can't be sure.  They are making a movie of Divergent as well (March 2014) and even though the main girl is that chick from Secret Life of an American Teenager (I love all TV, but couldn't stand that show) I will probably still be at a midnight showing or something.
Soda/Pop/Pop/Soda (Canmerica Identity Crisis) Yes I am off Soda Pop!  If you know me, you know that this is no easy feat.  My mom and I decided to try and kick our addiction together.  We are on day three and despite the raging caffeine headaches, we are starting strong. The deal is that we are trying to stay off until Christmas, if she drinks before then she has to give me 50 bucks and vise versa, if we both make it to Christmas, the 50 dollars is ours to spend irresponsibly!  Wish me luck, the hardest parts will be driving past Mcdonalds (best Diet Coke in the country) and when Ben cracks a cold one open right next to me (you know that sound I am talking about!)
Our wedding album....3 years later.  It is our anniversary next week and we decided to finally design and order our wedding album as our gift to each other.  I have spent hours on it during nap time and after Everett goes to bed.  We are using the site Picaboo.  I have used them before, most recently for a book I made documenting my pregnancy and really like them!

Scarves are still in right? I sure hope so because I love this one.  This is the highest rated lipstick like ever, not sure I could pull it off.  On the search for the perfect pair of fall booties, these are a front runner.  I want these adorable moccasins for Everett so bad, I just can't bring myself to spend 60 dollars on them when he will probably only fit in them for a few months.  I have been wanting a gold bar necklace forever (ever since all the Kardashians started wearing them in their Miami season haha)  I want one that says Everett or maybe his birthdate, we'll see, it's on my birthday wishlist.

EVERYTHING!! I love September!! You guys want to know the best kind of problem to have? Having too many shows on one night so your DVR can't record them all. I loved the Parenthood and Good Wife premieres, expected a little better from Grey's, cannot wait for Scandal tonight and am a little weary for Vampire Diaries.  And of course New Girl, Mindy Project and Parks and Rec are as hilarious as ever. Not to mention The Amazing Race, Nashville, Modern Family, Suits, and Revenge....I know....I have a problem, see post here. I did give up Once Upon A Time, Downton Abbey, Glee and Criminal Minds. Priorities right?

SLEEP! I am tired all the time and am sick of it!  I know I should go to bed when Everett goes to bed at 7pm to get my optimum hours, but I also feel like I need that alone time at night after he goes to bed to just unwind and get things done!  I still go to bed by 10 usually but since Everett is still night waking 2-3 times, it is hard to feel well rested when sleep is so broken up and interrupted.  I know I'm a new parent and that is what I signed up for, and I am just feeling sorry for myself right now, I know it could be a lot worse.  The other thing is that I really need is to get back into shape. I was so sick when I was pregnant, then I had E and now it is time! I am feeling pretty weak and pathetic physically. The thing is I don't know if I can work out too hardcore if I am not getting enough sleep, and I can't diet while breastfeeding. How did you mamas do it?  Work out during nap time or have your husband watch them while you went to the gym? Sometimes I do chest presses with Everett as the bar, but that is about as far as we get.

And that's what's going on...
So happy it is fall, mostly for pictures of Everett in a patch of pumpkins, happy conference weekend!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Everett: 7 Months

Are we really closer to a year old than we are to fetus? Not sure how this is happening so quickly, all I know is that one day Everett fits in his cute little clothes and the next day he doesn't.  Then I become so depressed packing up these tiny clothes, thus developing this habit where I buy all his clothes a size up so he will never grow out of them, leaving Everett with drawers full of clothes that are much too big for him.  It's a vicious cycle.

Our little E is a busy one to say the least. He never sits still for more than a second, always wanting to touch and explore and put everything in that slobbery mouth of his.  He is mobile!  And as exciting as this is, it is a lot of work chasing that booty around all day.  When he gets put down on the floor, of course he doesn't {army} crawl to his bountiful toys, but to electric cords, dirty shoes, garbage pails and all other things of danger. He is so fast at scooching that bum, and gets so excited that he can go get whatever he wants whenever he wants. He also has the cutest booty poppin crawl, check it out:

The kid is still not a great sleeper, I feel like we are constantly sleep training.  Despite the training, he still usually wakes up twice at night.  He goes to bed from 7-8pm and then will wake up and eat at 2-3am, and then again at 5am, and then usually up for the day anytime from 6-7am.  I would really like to eliminate the 5am feeding, but when we try and let him cry it out, he just doesn't go back to sleep and will stay up like it's time to get up! So I am aiming for a solid 8 hours of sleep for me by the time he is two.  WOAH DREAM BIG! I have this scene rehearsed in my mind, where Everett is sixteen or seventeen and I go to wake him up and he begs me for five more minutes, and I will just pull back his covers, look him in the eye and say 'you had your chance buck-o!'

He is getting better at naps though (because we nap trained him; which is a horror story for another day) but he now will usually take 2-3 naps a day for at least an hour. Before nap training he was on the 20 minute nap schedule. So we'll take it!

He can sit so well now, he can be a little wobbly still, I prob wouldn't leave him on hardwood unattended or something but he does like to sit for about 2.6 seconds at a time, before he is down on his tummy jetting off to some interesting thing to chew on.

He is such a great eater, he finally embraced baby food, but he only likes homemade, he doesn't really like anything processed and from the jar.  He prefers vegetables (what?) pureed like peas, green beans and carrots and he likes fruit, but only if it is in his mesh feeder, he doesn't like it mushed.  He also wants to eat everything we are eating desperately.  We give him little pieces of table food like bread, pasta, potatoes, yogurt, soup and even a piece of cookie on special occasions.  We also started him on a little sippy cup; for a boy who hates a bottle, he sure likes his sippy cup. We are still breastfeeding every 2-3 hours with no signs of slowing.  I really have grown to love breastfeeding and am planning on continuing till he is a year old.

Everett has some pretty intense stranger anxiety.  The other day at the farmers market, he was in the bjorn and anytime anyone even looked at him, he would start bawling.  He is more scared of guys than girls and if they have any facial hair, he is definitely a goner!  I am hoping he grows out of this soon?  He won't even go to friends or even my sister without panicking and looking around for Ben or I #attachmentparentingonaccident Do you guys think this is just a personality thing or because he isn't around a lot of people very often? Any tips?

We are really having a lot of fun with Everett, he gets more fun every single day. My favorite thing to do is make him laugh, I love taking him with me on all my errands and he is so much better about being in the carseat and stroller. He is just my favorite buddy.  

Some other things I want to remember:
  • Ev went through a fake smile phase this month. It was hillarious!
  • He thinks me shimmy-ing to music is the funniest thing ever
  • He LOVES loves his dad. He has the biggest smiles when Ben gets home
  • He has two perfect little teeth poking out of the bottom and he can bite hard.
  • He is really jumpy and very scared of loud noises, ie-cheering and the garbage disposal.
  • His favorite place to relieve himself is the car seat, if he hasn't gone yet that day, we just go on a ride.  Ask me how many times we have had to wash the car seat cover! TMI?
  • He still loves playing (pulling) my hair while he eats
Some of my favorite pics from the past month:

                   ^^^Dinner date at Sweeto Burrito Food Truck

                       ^^^CARROT BEARD

            ^^^The fake smile. Slays me.

           ^^^Now that is a face of a happy kid on a swing
       ^^^"What Mom?!.....Stop looking at me like that"
        ^^^ We had some fun visitors this month when Ben's grandparents came from Quebec!

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