Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Everett: 7 Months

Are we really closer to a year old than we are to fetus? Not sure how this is happening so quickly, all I know is that one day Everett fits in his cute little clothes and the next day he doesn't.  Then I become so depressed packing up these tiny clothes, thus developing this habit where I buy all his clothes a size up so he will never grow out of them, leaving Everett with drawers full of clothes that are much too big for him.  It's a vicious cycle.

Our little E is a busy one to say the least. He never sits still for more than a second, always wanting to touch and explore and put everything in that slobbery mouth of his.  He is mobile!  And as exciting as this is, it is a lot of work chasing that booty around all day.  When he gets put down on the floor, of course he doesn't {army} crawl to his bountiful toys, but to electric cords, dirty shoes, garbage pails and all other things of danger. He is so fast at scooching that bum, and gets so excited that he can go get whatever he wants whenever he wants. He also has the cutest booty poppin crawl, check it out:

The kid is still not a great sleeper, I feel like we are constantly sleep training.  Despite the training, he still usually wakes up twice at night.  He goes to bed from 7-8pm and then will wake up and eat at 2-3am, and then again at 5am, and then usually up for the day anytime from 6-7am.  I would really like to eliminate the 5am feeding, but when we try and let him cry it out, he just doesn't go back to sleep and will stay up like it's time to get up! So I am aiming for a solid 8 hours of sleep for me by the time he is two.  WOAH DREAM BIG! I have this scene rehearsed in my mind, where Everett is sixteen or seventeen and I go to wake him up and he begs me for five more minutes, and I will just pull back his covers, look him in the eye and say 'you had your chance buck-o!'

He is getting better at naps though (because we nap trained him; which is a horror story for another day) but he now will usually take 2-3 naps a day for at least an hour. Before nap training he was on the 20 minute nap schedule. So we'll take it!

He can sit so well now, he can be a little wobbly still, I prob wouldn't leave him on hardwood unattended or something but he does like to sit for about 2.6 seconds at a time, before he is down on his tummy jetting off to some interesting thing to chew on.

He is such a great eater, he finally embraced baby food, but he only likes homemade, he doesn't really like anything processed and from the jar.  He prefers vegetables (what?) pureed like peas, green beans and carrots and he likes fruit, but only if it is in his mesh feeder, he doesn't like it mushed.  He also wants to eat everything we are eating desperately.  We give him little pieces of table food like bread, pasta, potatoes, yogurt, soup and even a piece of cookie on special occasions.  We also started him on a little sippy cup; for a boy who hates a bottle, he sure likes his sippy cup. We are still breastfeeding every 2-3 hours with no signs of slowing.  I really have grown to love breastfeeding and am planning on continuing till he is a year old.

Everett has some pretty intense stranger anxiety.  The other day at the farmers market, he was in the bjorn and anytime anyone even looked at him, he would start bawling.  He is more scared of guys than girls and if they have any facial hair, he is definitely a goner!  I am hoping he grows out of this soon?  He won't even go to friends or even my sister without panicking and looking around for Ben or I #attachmentparentingonaccident Do you guys think this is just a personality thing or because he isn't around a lot of people very often? Any tips?

We are really having a lot of fun with Everett, he gets more fun every single day. My favorite thing to do is make him laugh, I love taking him with me on all my errands and he is so much better about being in the carseat and stroller. He is just my favorite buddy.  

Some other things I want to remember:
  • Ev went through a fake smile phase this month. It was hillarious!
  • He thinks me shimmy-ing to music is the funniest thing ever
  • He LOVES loves his dad. He has the biggest smiles when Ben gets home
  • He has two perfect little teeth poking out of the bottom and he can bite hard.
  • He is really jumpy and very scared of loud noises, ie-cheering and the garbage disposal.
  • His favorite place to relieve himself is the car seat, if he hasn't gone yet that day, we just go on a ride.  Ask me how many times we have had to wash the car seat cover! TMI?
  • He still loves playing (pulling) my hair while he eats
Some of my favorite pics from the past month:

                   ^^^Dinner date at Sweeto Burrito Food Truck

                       ^^^CARROT BEARD

            ^^^The fake smile. Slays me.

           ^^^Now that is a face of a happy kid on a swing
       ^^^"What Mom?!.....Stop looking at me like that"
        ^^^ We had some fun visitors this month when Ben's grandparents came from Quebec!


Sydney said...

I had to laugh about the part where you were "dreaming big" and aiming for 8 hours of straight sleep. Go Motherhood! Been there! Good news? Everett is BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, such a handsome boy. I love the month by month pictures - adorable!

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