Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Observations of a New Mom: Part III

Well, here we are in month 8 or how moms sometimes like to say it 32 weeks.  Speaking of observations, I always confused BC (before child) when I would ask a mom how old their baby was and they would say '16 weeks' or when they are over a year '24 months'.  I would have to do some major calculations in my head and be like 'oh so 4 months?' or 'so he's two?' Now I get it, I think its because all of our baby books and apps speak this language, and also because we want them to stay little and 18 months sounds littler than a year and a half.

Here are a few more things I have observed in my short time as a new mom:
  • There is no more calling or riding 'shotgun' for the next part of my life.  I am a backseat girl now with my boyfriend Everett who HATES the car. 
  • Dr. Suess was probably a little disturbed. Seriously, his illustrations give me nightmares.  Everett seems to like it just fine though!
^^^ I mean....
  • I believe there is a significant difference between name brand and store brand diapers (and even wipes) We bleed Huggies over here.
  • I have noticed how handy it is to now travel everywhere with wipes, and not just for Everett but for me! Spill some ketchup on my pants? Got a wipe for that. Sticky hands after J Dawgs? Got a wipe for that.  Also a stroller is basically a cart while shopping-the best.
  • I am the freak who likes your instagram pic literally 4 seconds after you post it.  Everett is still eating every 2 hours, so I am on it on the reg.  Also no new instagrams from the 2am feeding till the 5am feeding? LAME! 
  • Ben is Everett's official taste tester and takes it upon himself to taste test literally everything we put in E's mouth. Gripe water, teething tablets, antibiotics, infant tylenol, teething gel (after Ben tried this he swore we would NEVER give this to Everett again while washing out his mouth in disgust), all his baby food etc.
  • When single people complain of being 'soooo tired'  I do that evil laugh cackle thing. #youdontevenKNOW
  • The difference it makes for me if Everett gets up in the 6am hour versus the 7am hour is astounding. I know it doesn't make any sense. It is just a mental thing I think.
    • 6:50am wake up-'oh my gosh, sweet mercy! Can you watch cartoons yet? Nooooo! HELP'
    • 7:10am wake up-'good morning sweetheart! What a good sleeper you are! Let's do this!
  • Why is everything that once was delicious, disgusting once you puree it? I can't even think about trying it for Everett when it is mushed, even though I could have eaten it 10 seconds before when it was in whole form. Seriously! I've been off smoothies since Everett started solids.
Being a mom is seriously hilarious.  I love it all!

Observations of a new mom Part I and Part II here.


Kenzie Pavan said...

I seriously love your mommy blog posts.. even though im not a mommy or an exoecting momy i always get a hoot out of the fun you are having! and everett is so cute!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

So true!

Amie said...

hahaha, instagram. I think thats my instagram is filled with babies. I'm guilty. It's all I post about. :)

Amira said...

Haaaaaa I died about the morning wake up times but for me I'm miserable if it's 5:50 am and soooo happy if it's 6:30! Totally a mental thing!

Sarah said...

Great post! I hope to have a family soon and doses of reality are exactly what I need. I'm going to go ahead and enjoy sleeping until my lazy bone (not I didn't say tired bones) decide to get out of bed because those days will be a distant memory in the coming years.
P.S. Sometimes I post late at night/early morning on insta "xsarexbearx"

Emma Frances said...

Haha. I love all of this! Especially the 6 am vs. 7 am. It really does make ALL the difference! Also, wipes are amazing! Why do ALL people not carry them around?! Or do we get messier after we have babies?? Haha. Either way they are the best.

mynameis tash said...

Loved this post Cassie! I feel you on the instagram thing, when I am awake everyone else is asleep, I have to wait at least 6 hours for a new post LAME. Also, #youdontevenKNOW made me laugh out loud.

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