Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Everett: 9 Months

Weight: 17.3 pounds (15th percentile) Height: 29 inches (50th percentile) Head: 45 cm (75th percentile)

My baby is nine months! Why? How? Etc. Etc.  Each month has its new set of joys and challenges, but 'better out than in what I always say', and I sure have enjoyed him more on the outside for the last nine months than on the inside the previous 9 months!

Everett upgraded from the army crawl about three days after I wrote his 8 month post and hasn't looked back.  He still stands on anything and everything and gets into EVERYTHING.  I have to constantly watch him.  He seems to be able to see the most miniscule pieces of who knows what on the ground and wants to put it promptly is his mouth.  "What did you just put in your mouth?" is a very common phrase in our house.  Right up there with "Everett, beeee careful" He has finally figured out how to sit down/get down from what he is standing on on his own, which has me a little less nervous when he is standing on everything.  We don't have any stairs in our apartment, so we didn't think Ev could do stairs but at church a couple Sunday's ago, I put him down and he climbed up an entire flight of stairs, who knew!?

Everett is eating more and more solids, but still loves breast feeding (pretty much the only way he can get to sleep...whoops), although he can go longer in between feedings now.  He loves toast with jam and banana in the morning and then we feed him baby food at lunch and supper along with some of whatever we are eating.  He loves to eat grown up food, if he is fussy or whiny, eating something will cheer him up instantly. He also is into a sippy cup lately, we have one with a straw, and let me tell you,  watching a baby suck through a straw is surprisingly the most adorable thing ever.

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.  Still really inconsistent, just when I think we are turning a corner with only 1 or 2 night wakings, he will go and wake up 8 times in a night.  He likes to keep us on our toes I think, no getting too comfortable while sleeping.  He is definitely a man of routine.  I am writing this from Arizona while we are here with my family and the change of room/bed/blanket etc. has really thrown him for a loop, so we haven't been getting much sleep on this vacation.  He naps 2 or 3 times a day.  If he naps good (45 mins+) usually only two naps but if he has his 20 minute power naps, he has 3.  

He is still quite clingy to Ben and I but as long as we are near he loves to smile and play with whoever will look at him.  Actually, since we have been around lots of family the last couple weeks, he is getting way better about his stranger anxiety.  If I sneak away while he is not looking, he will do fine with my parents or siblings (ie-I go back to bed-family is the best!) Out of sight, out of mind I guess. My favorite thing right now is when I am holding him and someone will talk and smile to him and he smiles and then gets shy and buries his head into my shoulder. So bashful!

Everett is generally a really happy baby (except in his car seat) and loves to play.  He loves to play peek-a-boo, and when we chase and tickle him and he is actually getting more cuddly as he gets older.  He can wave now and his latest trick is clapping as the 'more' sign.  He still doesn't really care for any of his toys but loves cell phones, remotes, car keys and taking every single thing off the bookshelves.  

Other things I want to remember: Sticks out tongue, picks nose (such a gentlemen) and loves drinking water, the colder the better.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am just really really thankful for our sweet Everett.  He makes everything more fun and special and I can't picture life without him.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


You know I LOVE my TV shows, but I love reading too so it balances out the addiction a little right? Although, like I said here, I hated Allegiant and it made me want to boycott books... but I didn't.  I read Mindy Kalings book; Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, although Ben can't stand her, I LOVE her and want to be friends with her in real life.  I think her TV show The Mindy Project is hysterical and I literally laugh out loud the entire show. I also read My Story: Elizabeth Smart last week and I could not put it down.  I absolutely cannot fathom what she went through, the complete and utter fear she lived it.  I think it was brave of her to write her experiences and I would recommend the book (although some of it was hard to stomach because of the sexual abuse).  Next on my list are Gone Girl and The Husbands Secret.  

A DIY advent calendar-eat your heart out Etsy! I bought the stuff to make it last year and never got around to it, so I am trying again for this December.  This is my inspiration.  I am also making our own Christmas cards this year (putting my advertising degree to good use? HA!) My sister took some family pictures for us about a month ago when the leaves were incredible and they turned out great! Sneak Peek:

Upcoming travels to see family!  We are going to Arizona to meet my family for Thanksgiving. Everett and I leave tomorrow for two weeks, and Ben will be joining us in the middle sometime. Us Canadians already had our Thanksgiving {Yes we have our own Thanksgiving and YES we have something to be thankful for but thanks for asking!} I just can't wait to be in the sun, spend time with the family and do some Black Friday damage!  Then for Christmas we are flying out East to spend it with Ben's family in New Hampshire and Montreal. This will be my first Christmas away from home, and although that will be a little hard, I am so happy we get to experience a Tremblay Christmas and their traditions and french things. Plus this will be E's first Christmas, so that will be a little bit magic all on its own I'm pretty sure.

Ben's days off, my sister living in Provo, health care (my cousin just had a really scary ICU stay)
 and baby bellies.
Free printable from October Ink and then I just made is gold in PS

   My new C+E necklace from here. The Good Wife this season is SO good, I am a big fan of Cary formerly  my Gilmore girls flame, Logan Huntzberger. If you are not watching this show you should probably binge watch all five seasons over Thanksgiving. And an early Christmas present for Everett from my sweet mother in law.  Our current stroller is SO bulky and heavy, this one is so cute, light and perfect for travelling.

Insanity! My sister and I have been doing Insanity for six days a week for seven weeks now.  Remember I am trying to get back into shape after my two year pregnancy/baby excuses? It is freaking hard; Shawn T. is a crazy mofo, although much better than Tony the creeper from P90X. The thing is-I haven't lost one single pound! I don't know if it is because of what I am eating, because I am breastfeeding or what? I still feel better and stronger but really? Anyone else who did Insanity experience this?

Friday, November 8, 2013


Because I read a lot of blogs and such:

This video of an Acapella group showing the evolution of Beyonce is acca-awesome, seriously so good!

This is a cool kickstarter campaign for a local guy who has made some awesome typography prints.  I love the state t shirts, especially for kids, I want a Utah one for Everett so bad.

How common is your birthday?

I have decided to start my own Christmas stocking collection, I LOVE these fur ones from Restoration Hardware, and on SALE! Too soon?

I just bought the Elizabeth Smart: My Story on Kindle and I am so excited to read it.  I heard it is haunting but so inspiring.  Speaking of books, the third book in the Divergent series came out a few weeks ago, I was so excited because I loved the first two.  I really hated this last book, like really did not enjoy it. If I ever recommended these books to you, I take it back.  Anyone else read it? I am dying to talk to someone about it.

Gap Friends and Family Event is this weekend!! In other words, I buy all this stuff and then am so mad when it is way cheaper on Black Friday.

Did you guys watch the CMA's this week?  I don't really love country music, but I do love award shows and Taylor Swift so I tuned it.  Check out the best and the worst.

I just saw this picture series today on Cup of Jo and it made me cry.

Happy weekend, Ben is working all weekend, so it took all my willpower to save my Thursday night shows for tonight and tomorrow for after E goes to bed.  Although now that I am off both pop and treats at the moment, sitting on the couch to a TV marathon does not sound nearly as appealing.  Carrot sticks and Scandal just do not go together.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Everett: 8 Months and a little

{blogged a little late, he turned 8 months on Oct. 25}

Everett is such a joy at eight months. Who knew a small man who couldn't even talk or walk could be my best friend! We have our little routines, our inside jokes, our favorite places. Life is good....most days.

Everett is everywhere.  Most of my day consists of making sure Everett doesn't crack his head open and constantly saying "Everett be careful" "you're going to hurt yourself if you....BONK" and then he bonks his head and cries and I pick him up and kiss it better and put him back down and it starts all over again!  He is obsessed with climbing, he tries to climb anything and everything that is higher than ground level, namely the coffee table, entertainment center and bathtub.

He is still army crawling everywhere, he can get up on his hands and knees and will take a few steps but then he realizes he is much faster on his tummy and gets down and books it.  He is also much better and sturdier at sitting this month.

Everett is still breastfeeding often (every 2-3 hours) but he also eats pretty much any solids we give him.  He would eat 1 million puffs if we let him and although he prefers grown up food (his obsession is banana and pumpkin bread), he will eat almost any baby food as well. His favorites are green beans and a banana pumpkin mix! I am still planning on breast feeding for a year and I don't see Everett wanting to stop any sooner than that.

Sleeping. ooooh sleeping, I know it's the same story every month, but our child does not love the zzzzzz's. He is really inconsistent, some nights he will sleep really well and then the next night get up like five times! The same goes for napping so I never know how much time I will have to either nap myself or try to get some things done. Latley they have been 20 to 30 minutes.  Lack of sleep has definitely been my biggest parenthood struggle and I am wondering if it would be better just to accept the fact that we have a really fun, great, adorable baby that is just not a good sleeper.  We have tried all kinds of sleep training, read every book and blog about it-it makes me frustrated and stressed and resentful of parents who get a good nights rest haha and so maybe I just need to accept it and stop worrying about it so much?  I don't know.  I feel like my sleep is so connected to my sanity, my mood, my productivity, that I don't know if I can afford to give up, but maybe just try to worry about it a little less.

Also, he is now standing up in his crib (he gave me a heart attack when I went in and he was doing this for the first time) but he can't really get back down other than falling, so how do you sleep train and let them cry it out when they can stand?

Everett is really social and SO smiley, as long as he is in Ben or I's arms or we are in close proximity.  If not, he really freaks out.  He will smile at everyone at the store or at church, but if they try to hold him he gets very nervous.  He's a mommas boy I think.

He really is fun, he laughs easily, he plays peek-a-boo and I watch him learn new things every day. He gives big open mouthed kisses on command and now understands the 'I'm gonna get you' game!  He is getting a (little) better in his car seat but I still can't wait for a forward facing one. We try to get out and about in the mornings or else we both go a little stir crazy, but we need to find more outings besides Target because I cannot go in that store without buying things I probably don't need and our trips there three times a week are not good for the finances!

So there it is, 252 days in.

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