Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Everett: 9 Months

Weight: 17.3 pounds (15th percentile) Height: 29 inches (50th percentile) Head: 45 cm (75th percentile)

My baby is nine months! Why? How? Etc. Etc.  Each month has its new set of joys and challenges, but 'better out than in what I always say', and I sure have enjoyed him more on the outside for the last nine months than on the inside the previous 9 months!

Everett upgraded from the army crawl about three days after I wrote his 8 month post and hasn't looked back.  He still stands on anything and everything and gets into EVERYTHING.  I have to constantly watch him.  He seems to be able to see the most miniscule pieces of who knows what on the ground and wants to put it promptly is his mouth.  "What did you just put in your mouth?" is a very common phrase in our house.  Right up there with "Everett, beeee careful" He has finally figured out how to sit down/get down from what he is standing on on his own, which has me a little less nervous when he is standing on everything.  We don't have any stairs in our apartment, so we didn't think Ev could do stairs but at church a couple Sunday's ago, I put him down and he climbed up an entire flight of stairs, who knew!?

Everett is eating more and more solids, but still loves breast feeding (pretty much the only way he can get to sleep...whoops), although he can go longer in between feedings now.  He loves toast with jam and banana in the morning and then we feed him baby food at lunch and supper along with some of whatever we are eating.  He loves to eat grown up food, if he is fussy or whiny, eating something will cheer him up instantly. He also is into a sippy cup lately, we have one with a straw, and let me tell you,  watching a baby suck through a straw is surprisingly the most adorable thing ever.

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.  Still really inconsistent, just when I think we are turning a corner with only 1 or 2 night wakings, he will go and wake up 8 times in a night.  He likes to keep us on our toes I think, no getting too comfortable while sleeping.  He is definitely a man of routine.  I am writing this from Arizona while we are here with my family and the change of room/bed/blanket etc. has really thrown him for a loop, so we haven't been getting much sleep on this vacation.  He naps 2 or 3 times a day.  If he naps good (45 mins+) usually only two naps but if he has his 20 minute power naps, he has 3.  

He is still quite clingy to Ben and I but as long as we are near he loves to smile and play with whoever will look at him.  Actually, since we have been around lots of family the last couple weeks, he is getting way better about his stranger anxiety.  If I sneak away while he is not looking, he will do fine with my parents or siblings (ie-I go back to bed-family is the best!) Out of sight, out of mind I guess. My favorite thing right now is when I am holding him and someone will talk and smile to him and he smiles and then gets shy and buries his head into my shoulder. So bashful!

Everett is generally a really happy baby (except in his car seat) and loves to play.  He loves to play peek-a-boo, and when we chase and tickle him and he is actually getting more cuddly as he gets older.  He can wave now and his latest trick is clapping as the 'more' sign.  He still doesn't really care for any of his toys but loves cell phones, remotes, car keys and taking every single thing off the bookshelves.  

Other things I want to remember: Sticks out tongue, picks nose (such a gentlemen) and loves drinking water, the colder the better.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am just really really thankful for our sweet Everett.  He makes everything more fun and special and I can't picture life without him.


Kristy said...

I LOVE the picture of him wtih grandma. So cute!

Amira said...

Cassie, how are you surviving? Have you not slept through the night once since he's been born?!

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