Friday, November 8, 2013


Because I read a lot of blogs and such:

This video of an Acapella group showing the evolution of Beyonce is acca-awesome, seriously so good!

This is a cool kickstarter campaign for a local guy who has made some awesome typography prints.  I love the state t shirts, especially for kids, I want a Utah one for Everett so bad.

How common is your birthday?

I have decided to start my own Christmas stocking collection, I LOVE these fur ones from Restoration Hardware, and on SALE! Too soon?

I just bought the Elizabeth Smart: My Story on Kindle and I am so excited to read it.  I heard it is haunting but so inspiring.  Speaking of books, the third book in the Divergent series came out a few weeks ago, I was so excited because I loved the first two.  I really hated this last book, like really did not enjoy it. If I ever recommended these books to you, I take it back.  Anyone else read it? I am dying to talk to someone about it.

Gap Friends and Family Event is this weekend!! In other words, I buy all this stuff and then am so mad when it is way cheaper on Black Friday.

Did you guys watch the CMA's this week?  I don't really love country music, but I do love award shows and Taylor Swift so I tuned it.  Check out the best and the worst.

I just saw this picture series today on Cup of Jo and it made me cry.

Happy weekend, Ben is working all weekend, so it took all my willpower to save my Thursday night shows for tonight and tomorrow for after E goes to bed.  Although now that I am off both pop and treats at the moment, sitting on the couch to a TV marathon does not sound nearly as appealing.  Carrot sticks and Scandal just do not go together.


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Cassie, did you know you're a no-reply blogger?! I tried to reply to your comment but I couldn't. I ordered Avery a size 5 and they are a little big (which I wanted so she could wear them for awhile hehe)

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