Friday, December 20, 2013

Flu's and Father Christmas

The craftiest thing I have ever done, made my very own advent calendar. Eat your heart our Martha.

Well we have a sick baby in our house.  He is completely miserable and it breaks my heart.  We took him to the doctor yesterday, where they did a test that showed us he had the FLU A (he even had his flu shot). Our doctor informed us that he was the first case in their office and not very optimistically told us we were in for a really rough 5-7 days as FLU A is the worst of the two and he was going to be really sick.  He had a fever over 103 all day yesterday and hasn't wanted to do anything except be in our arms and cry.  It is so hard to be so helpless to him and I just wish it could be me instead, which our doctor also informed us, it probably will be soon.  We are leaving Monday for the East Coast so we are hoping and praying that Everett is feeling better by then and that maybe this flu will magically skip Ben and I, because I have a horrible track record of being sick whenever we see Ben's family.  Until then, there will be lots of tylenol, multiple baths a day and taking turns napping.  

Here are some pictures of our december-simply-having-a-wonderful-Christmas-time so far.

Everett will be having nightmares of a beared man in red for a while.
maybe next year// close up of the terror
I love a bundled baby// my guys at City Creek for my birthday
We had dinner at Cheesecake with our friends Jordan and Britt-It was perfect!
Ev and me at the Riverwoods here in Provo// An accidental silhouette at City Creek
A craft on a tree//  This mini thing is our Christmas tree this year.  Ben and I usually get a nice, crisp real tree but we passed this year since it would mostly be a giant mass of things for E to put in his mouth.
Our other tree// He is so big isn't he? I can't wait till he is himself again.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pamily Fictures

 I have been wanting to do a Christmas card ever since Ben and I got married, but he said not until we have a kid, so you better believe I was ALL OVER IT this year! I thought I would share our family pictures and our Christmas card on here.  We took these a couple months ago when the leaves were incredible, especially up the Provo Canyon.  My sister took these for us and my cousin Lani jumped around behind the camera trying to get Everett's attention.  We got so many that I just love and I am so happy we did them.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Wishlist: Baby

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11

Ok so I saw this funny post on Facebook about what a baby really wants for Christmas, and it is pretty spot on, although my list is a little more safe (and totes adorbs).  

This sweatshirt would be a little big for Everett this year but I love this Etsy shop so much, I just might have to get this for Everett-plus-we're practically French so this is perfect!  This elephant chair picture is from Restoration Hardware ($89) but there is a nearly identical one at Costco for only $17.99-Costco FTW. I wanted to start a tradition of getting a Christmas book every year, for the last three years Ben has gotten me one, but this year we get to start getting them for the babes-The Polar Express will be the perfect first one! Also these plaid pants?! We literally could all be in a matching black plaid Christmas card (see last two posts). That corduroy elephant is named Roy and I have been wanting him for Everett since before he was born.  Jellycat stuffed animals are the softest most beautifully made stuffies; I want to live in them.  I grew up playing with those foam blocks and I will probably enjoy playing with them again more than E.  These Mixmates recently had a kick starter campaign and they went above and beyond their goal and I think they are so clever, so cute and they are a local company!

See My Wishlist and Ben's wishlist.                                

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wishlist: Him

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

Disclaimer: This isn't really Ben's wishlist.  I made it up.  Ben is hard to buy for, well not really, it's just that he isn't that fun to buy for.  I want to buy him things like cashmere man scarves and leather iphone cases (he doesn't nor will he ever have an iphone) and he wants techy things like computer chips or something.  Despite our creative differences, I think this wishlist is actually a good mix!

Chromecast is this new awesome thing, a lot like apple TV except only $35, you've done it again Google!  Ben has been really into audio books while he is working these days-cue audible subscription and wireless headphones.  Ben and I argue daily about 'Can you wear anything other than a 'team shirt?!' but he actually doesn't have a Patriots shirt, he grew up in New England and has a crush on Tom Brady, heck so do I, so ok you can have ANOTHER team shirt.  We played this Wits and Wagers game in Phoenix, it combines trivia and gambling, basically the perfect man game.  My brother is actually the one who wants this watch, he showed me them and I love them, and if Ben were a watch wearing man, this is the one he would wear.  The tie? We could match (see yesterday's post) how darling! Ben loves getting the car washed, we got it detailed once and I wasn't allowed to put my feet up on the dash for months after, so a gift card to a car wash would be pretty ideal and these grippy phone pads are apparently pretty amazing.

See my Christmas wishlist here.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wishlist: Her

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11

Thought I would post some holiday wishlists-just for fun! Some of this is really purely wishing, that beautiful Anthro purse is like half my rent or something! There is something about Christmas that makes you want robes and slippers-my mom and me tried on these PB robes and I felt like I was in a hotel, I almost laid on their display bed and ordered room service! And the faux fur stuff at Restoration Hardware, I want it all, these slippers are on sale for $16 dollars right now, which can usually buy you like one childs finger puppet at RH!  I also am obsessed with stacking rings lately, these ones are from Madewell, anyone tried their jewelry? I have a feeling they are pretty but might turn my finger green?  I bought myself that J Crew skirt for my birthday, it seems to say "I'm a Blair Waldorf schoolgirl (wink) but also a mom!"  And I'm pretty sure I have posted the Kardashian inspired gold bar necklace on here like 3 times, so my husband better have caught my drift by now (note to Ben: I do not want it to say Brent).  Sperry's are my favorite winter shoe because I still don't have to wear socks but they are semi-seasonally appropriate!

Some more of my (and Everett's) wishlist on my Pinterest here.

Ps-I have friends that swear by the Clarisonic, also another 'just wishing' because it is so pricey! Is it worth it?

Monday, December 9, 2013

A Hot, Ham Thanksgiving

(Written a couple days ago)
Today we arrived home from our Thanksgiving vacation in Arizona.  Everett and I were there for two weeks with my family and Ben joined us for the last few days.  We grabbed some lunch today when we got home and had Everett bundled beyond bundled in his snow attire and I thought 'you were swimming in the buff just days ago!' My parents flew home to Canada to -40 degree weather! You may have seen on my instagram but my hometown of Lethbridge AB was actually the coldest city in Canada a few days ago, with temperatures between -40 and -50, which is actually a fact that I was pretty proud of! So we definitely appreciated the warm weather Thanksgiving this year.

It was so great to be with my family, especially since we are going to Ben's for Christmas this year.  I love being around family, especially now that we have Everett. The first few days, some of my older cousins were in AZ for a 'man-trip' and stayed at our place, and the next week my aunt and uncle and even more cousins came and stayed with us.  It was a full house and a grand time!

We were able to swim most days, the AZ natives probably thought we were crazy for swimming in temps under 80, but we are Canadian and so that is what we do.  Everett loved the pool, he wasn't crazy about swimming just months ago during the summer, but he loved the water this trip!  He would splash and squeal and bicycle kick and I couldn't stop taking pictures and videos because he was just SO happy in there.  He liked us to hold him so he was floating on his belly and just drag him around like that. We also hot tubbed most morning and nights, basically the dream.

We are a family that likes to shop (well most of us) so with Everett strapped in the bjorn, we braved Black Friday and we did gooooood!  I almost completely finished my Christmas shopping (myself included-Ben, you're welcome) and I am pretty sure we visited every mall in a 50 mile radius of our house, just how I like it.  

We also ate a lot of  delicious Mexican food and even tried Peruvian food per my brothers request, played some marathon Settlers games, saw Catching Fire (loved it! #TeamGale), went paint balling, got pedicures, the boys golfed and went to a Cardinals game, a couple quick trips to Mexico, and our annual 'Last Chance' visit {Essentially the Nordstrom Rack of Nordstrom Rack: There is only one in the US: See also-Pure chaos: See also-Women trampling each other for discount Micheal Kors bags.}

Although no Turkey because Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October (been there done that), so we had HAM,  it was still another great family trip and a perfect hammy american thanksgiving in my eyes!

 ^^^ Skinny Dipping
 ^^^Hailey and Ev playing Peek-a-boo// Grandma and Everett cleaning up and chatting in the morning
 ^^^The best view// A dinner distraction at the Peruvian place
 ^^^'You want flowa?' // cozy couch
^^^These two! (Insert heart for eyes emoji)
 ^^^Another Soak in the pool

^^^Behold LAST CHANCE (This was not even on Black Friday, this is what it is like every day before they open)
^^^Maddie and Everett practicing walking// "Sir-yes you with the greasy mustache-step away from the child!"
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