Friday, December 20, 2013

Flu's and Father Christmas

The craftiest thing I have ever done, made my very own advent calendar. Eat your heart our Martha.

Well we have a sick baby in our house.  He is completely miserable and it breaks my heart.  We took him to the doctor yesterday, where they did a test that showed us he had the FLU A (he even had his flu shot). Our doctor informed us that he was the first case in their office and not very optimistically told us we were in for a really rough 5-7 days as FLU A is the worst of the two and he was going to be really sick.  He had a fever over 103 all day yesterday and hasn't wanted to do anything except be in our arms and cry.  It is so hard to be so helpless to him and I just wish it could be me instead, which our doctor also informed us, it probably will be soon.  We are leaving Monday for the East Coast so we are hoping and praying that Everett is feeling better by then and that maybe this flu will magically skip Ben and I, because I have a horrible track record of being sick whenever we see Ben's family.  Until then, there will be lots of tylenol, multiple baths a day and taking turns napping.  

Here are some pictures of our december-simply-having-a-wonderful-Christmas-time so far.

Everett will be having nightmares of a beared man in red for a while.
maybe next year// close up of the terror
I love a bundled baby// my guys at City Creek for my birthday
We had dinner at Cheesecake with our friends Jordan and Britt-It was perfect!
Ev and me at the Riverwoods here in Provo// An accidental silhouette at City Creek
A craft on a tree//  This mini thing is our Christmas tree this year.  Ben and I usually get a nice, crisp real tree but we passed this year since it would mostly be a giant mass of things for E to put in his mouth.
Our other tree// He is so big isn't he? I can't wait till he is himself again.


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