Monday, December 29, 2014

51/52 52/52

                         A Photo Series 'A picture of my child once a week, every week for a year'

I love his little eye pockets under his eyes when he smiles.

'Everett do your surprised face" But he really did love every second of Christmas morning and his favorite new scooter.

I can't believe I actually kept up with this project for a whole year! I don't know if I actually got any better at taking pictures but these weekly pictures are a treasure!  If you want to see all 52 weeks click here. You know I'm going to have to make all these into a photo book !

Friday, December 19, 2014

Tis The Season

Temple Square Lights

The weather outside is definitely not frightful, this Utah winter is weirding me out, it doesn't feel like Christmas when Everett doesn't even have to wear a coat outside! As a Canadian, I want the snow and cold just a little so lets go mother nature.

This is basically a 'photo dump' post but I purposely didn't call it that in the title because no one really wants to read those posts but hopefully I tricked you into being here.

 ^^^I want to wait to share our Christmas card and family pictures with you until after everyone gets their Christmas cards, but this was the back up design so there's your sneak peek!

^^^ The little advent calendar I crafted last year. This year we went to Target on November 30th and bought little presents for each other and for Everett to put in each day (8 for each of us). Everett's favorites have been a little jingle bell toy and a small set of paints (dollar dollar spot yall) Ben's got things like beef jerky and travel deodorant and I've opened mini Tums (he knows me so well) and candy! \\\ The candle is a little candle I DIY'ed up! I saw an advent candle on pinty but it was like $30, so I made this little thing on photoshop, had it printed on sticker paper and just bought the candle and ribbon! They have been great gifts for friends and visiting teaching people! (uh oh is this post gonna be super long if my first caption is this long)

 ^^^Ben says these look ghetto and we should take them down, I say NEVER SCROOGE NEVER!
^^^It is so nice to see him in footie pj's again
 ^^^This pic was from the Riverwoods lighting and it actually was one of three winners for their instagram contest! I'm basically a celebrity there now.
 ^^^ Making cookies with Aunt Carly, lemme snap this teal quick.
"Everett fold your arms" "Now close your eyes" wait....
^^^Me and a couple friends threw a shower for one of my best friends Jordan! It was such a fun night to celebrate her and her baby and see so many friends I hadn't seen in forever! We had soup and salad and cupcakes and it was so cozy! I made this tortellini soup and it was a hit, go make it.
^^^All the deets
 ^^^For my birthday this year we went on a little night out in Salt Lake. We went to City Creek and Temple Square and it sure got me in the Christmas spirit, it is so beautiful up there! GIANT FREAKING WREATHS
Then we stayed the night at the Little America hotel and it was very luxurious and fun to get out, but Everett slept like crap and the next day we all had that 'day after sleepover' feeling, remember that?
 There were three in the bed and the little one said "I'm not sleeping tonight" /// Our breakfast the next morning at the Original Pancake house, my favorite!

 ^^^ My whole family is in town for my cousins wedding, so of course we had to take them up to temple square and it was sooo crowded and so much traffic, but worth it, I'm pretty sure.

The end. not so bad right? Meeerrryyyy CCCChhhhrrriiiissssttttmmmmaaaassssss!!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

49/52 50/52

                               A Photo Series 'A picture of my child once a week, every week for a year'


 Cookie Love

 "You better not cry, you better not pout...." HOHOHO NONONO

I know you want to see a few more of this trauma

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A gift guide for toddlers, but basically Everett's wishlist, but basically just MY wishlist for Everett

The past little bit Everett gets so excited about the little things and LOVES places like the toy store and the bookstore which makes me so excited for Christmas this year! These are just a few ideas, I could probably just get him a few balls and he would be over the moon but it is just a little bit of fun to pick things out while picturing his hyperventilation and jumping on Christmas morning.

1) Restoration Baby&Child baby animal hoods. There is nothing I love more than a baby in a toque (beanie) except a baby in a toque (beanie) shaped like an animal. These restoration hardware ones are what dddddrrreeeeaaammmmsssss are made of HEY HEY HEY!

2) Ikea mini train set. Everett loves the train sets at the toy stores, and this one is really simple and so cheap! Like under $10! I love wooden toys.

3) Sherpa gloves. Enough said.

4) Jellycat stuffie. Soooo I have an obsession with Jellycat stuffed animals and have started building a mini empire in Everett's crib. They are so unbelievably soft and the cutest little guys. I'm a collector. I mean Everett is :/

5) 3 in 1 Micro scooter. So I have done a lot of research on toddler scooters and this is the ONE! It has 3 stages so it can last till they are at least 5. It turns with just a sway of the body, instead of them having to steer completely with their hands and all the reviews on them are amazing.

6) Olaf Pillow Pal. Everett and I saw this little guy at Costco, he rode around in the cart with us and him and Everett became best friends, and then when I went to put Olaf back and save him for Christmas or a birthday, there were tears and screams. I went back 4 days later and all the OLAFS WERE GONE! I had to hunt one down at a Costco 45 minutes away and I saved Christmas! And now 3 weeks later there are 100 more Olafs at our local Costco! Everett would have never know if he was missing Christmas morning most likely but I felt like a little Christmas Elf anyways.

7) Gap Duck Boots. For some reason, Ben was insistent Everett have winter boots this year, not exactly sure why but I guess he has dreams of snow angles and tobogganing with Everett, plus Christmas in Canada so he has good reason. Personally, I kind of hate kids winter boots all clunky and ugly, so when I found these at the Gap, I waited with baited breath for a 50 percent off sale and hoped they didn't sell out and alas, Black Friday they were mine! I mean Everett's...

8) Mini Sticks. I grew up watching my brother and his friends play with these constantly, hey I even played goalie myself a few times. Everett might be a little young for these but I think he would be excited about them anyways!

9) Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear? This book's cousin, Brown Bear, Brown Bear is a favorite around here so I thought this is more winter-ish and a chance to learn some new animal sounds.

10) RH Christmas Pj's. Christmas just isn't Christmas without Christmas pajamas. I got Everett a little penguin with Santa hat footsie pair (gotta keep him little with the footsie pj's) from Carter's but they are sold out, but these are what I would buy all the children of the world if I was a multi-millionaire! I literally want to birth all my future children in this store.

Check out my gift guide for the 'her' in your life, but also just basically my personal wishlist.

Thursday, December 4, 2014


I know Thanksgiving was soo last week and everyone has fully moved on to Christmas! We are over here popping our advent calendars (Everett isn't huge on the one treat per day part of it, which is actually the only part of it) and I am watching my favorite chick flicks disguised as Christmas movies like Love Actually and The Family Stone.

BUT if a Thanksgiving happened and I don't blog about it, did it really happen? Just Kidding, but I really am going to blog about it.

This year we went with Ben's siblings and mom to St. George for Thanksgiving. My brother and sister in law recently bought a house there and were such gracious hosts.

I give you, Tremblay Thanksgiving Top Five!

1. St. George. I give St.George a hard time, mostly because their mall is so pathetic. Also Ben and I have an ongoing debate about which is prettier-St. George red rocks desert isolation or the rolling hills and bountiful prairies with a mountain backdrop of Alberta.  Although this trip I REALLY appreciated St. George. The weather was so perfect, like perfect. We got to eat at Cafe Rio twice and Neilson's frozen custard (oh my goooossshhh I forgot how good that was). I also didn't do half bad on my Black Thursday/Friday shopping (I am Canadian, therefore do not consider myself an abomination shopping on actual thanksgiving)

2. Game Nights. After the babies went to bed, we played games with everyone and I love game nights complete with game night-esque snacks poured into bowls to eat while playing said games. We played our new favorite nerd game Munchkin a few times, defeating monsters and casting curses and such.  There was also a pretty epic game of Scattegories, where every answer was debated to death and ultimately put up to a gladiator style vote, thumbs up or down.

3. Thanksgiving Meal. We all (well the women of the family) contributed to the meal this year while the men entertained the kids and because of that it was actually pretty stress-free. We made a Turkey AND a Ham this year, things got crazy. I was in charge of mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls (Us Canadians call them buns) and a dessert. I actually cooked the potatoes in the crock pot and they turned out pretty great, plus I got all the peeling, cooking etc. out of the way 5 hours before we ate. I also made an apple crisp, which I have been craving for like a month so that was pretty satisfying with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top! It was so nice to all sit down, enjoy a delicious meal and do the cheesy-but-makes-me-want-to cry-thing and all say what we were thankful for.

4. Family Pictures. I forced the whole fam dam to go take some family pictures! This would have not made Ben's top 5, probably not even top 20, but I am a picture lover and Snow Canyon made for some beautiful pictures!

5. Cousin Bonding. Everett's cousin Tosh is only 7 months older than him, and they are finally at the ages where they can really play together and it is so fun to watch! They were so cute learning to take turns and copying each other and having their nightly glow stick bath! I have such good memories growing up with my cousins and I am happy E will have at least one cousin close to his age!

Hope everyone had a fab Thanksgiving, including all my Canadian friend who had theirs way back in October (makes more sense if you ask me).  Now onto the Christmas merriment!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A gift guide for Her...But also just basically my Wishlist

1 | Kiehl's Ultra  Facial Cream-Guys, I turn 26 this month, which means I will be closer to 30 than I will be to 20! So I have declared 26 the year I start taking better care of my skin. So I headed to the skincare mecca (Nordstom) with my personal skin care guru (Jordan) and I got about 7 samples of moisturizers.  I got a couple from Clinique, Philosophy, Kiehls and Kate Sommerville.  I have been testing all of them the last few weeks and my all time favorite was this Kiehl's one.  Some of the other ones led to breakouts and were too oily for me.  This one is super moisturizing, lightweight, doesn't smell weird and my skin felt great!

2 | Urban Decay Naked Pallet 2 or 3- I have been a loyal mac eye shadow wearer for years but have been wanting to try this super high rated pallet. Beautiful neutral pallet and I have heard it lasts forever!

3 | Nifty Fifty Camera Lens-I have heard rave reviews about this camera lens from every photographer I know. It is inexpensive when it comes to camera lenses and it creates that coveted blurry background effect perfectly!

4 | Real gold XO Earrings-My ears are of the sensitive snobby kind and I can rarely wear earrings without my ears getting infected and sore, unless they are really high quality.  I LOVE these catbird 14k gold earrings. You can get them in any letters, I love the XO combo, I think an E and heart would be cute too! I also love these simple gold heart studs for every day!

5 | Morrocan Oil Hairspray-I Love love Morrocan oil serum and have been using it forever (thanks mom) but I had never tried the hairspray until recently when I got a mini sample of it. I am now converted. It smells so so good and has the perfect hold (I tried medium hold) and finish.

6 | Clarisonic-Guys, I turn 26 this month, which means I will be closer to 30 than I will be to 20! So I have declared 26 the year I start taking better care of my skin. The Clarisonic is like a personal spa experience and so good for your skin.

7 | bobby pins-These have been on my wishlist the last couple years. I am in a love/hate/it's complicated relationship with my bangs right now so I need these more than ever. I like these cute thin ones and they have wider ones in cute patterns too.

8 | iphone case-They just barely came out with iphone 6 cases yesterday and are almost sold out! I love these fun cases by my favorite accessory shop.

9 | Littionary gold bracelets-I lust these dainty gold bracelets that could dress up an outfit or just be casual everyday wear. They are gold filled so they won't tarnish or anything either. BEN HINT HINT

10 | Reversible tote-I love that leather totes are so in right now. These days, I don't really bring the diaper bag everywhere and just want a purse, this would be perfect to just throw a few fruit snacks and wipes in and look so cute. Also it is basically two bags in one, one side is black, the other is cognac (there are more colors available too!)

11 | A Beautiful Mess 2015 Planners-I love planners, Office Depot like gets me in the mood you know? So when these super famous bloggers made a planner I had to have it. Even though I make a lot of lists in my phone, there is still something so satisfying about writing in a planner. I may or may not have already bought this on behalf of Ben for myself. They were selling like hot cakes!

To see even more of my gift guide for the lady in your life (ok ya it's just my wishlist) check out my pinty board here.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Everett:21 Months

Ever at 21 months right now at this very particular point in time on this particular night: He has a little cold, his voice is all raspy and it is so cute I wouldn't mind if it stayed that way forever. He is recovering from a little meltdown when Ben had to go to work, he is going through such a daddy obsessed phase, I'm not mad about it. We have been building blocks, and he has been pretending his foot has an owie and asking me to open the diaper cream so he can put it all over his on his 'hurt' foot. He also keeps leading me over to the box of good and plenty's on the counter, holding up one finger and cocking his head saying 'one more?' and I give him 'just one more' although this has happened about 8 times already.

In general Everett is a ball of energy and emotions. He is quirky and very particular about certain things and our routines. He is learning so many new things and words and wanting to be so independent. At the same time though, he can be shy and cling to us around other people. His absolute favorite thing in the world is when Ben and I are both home and both giving him our undivided attention. He is generally really happy and enthusiastic, he gets excited easily and watching him light up over new things is pure joy. He can definitely hold his own in a tantrum meltdown though, and can be very dramatic about it! He is curious and busy but also cuddly and friendly and polite and we love him from the tip of his mullet to the tips of his toes!

New Observations and things I don't want to forget.

-SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!! ANGEL CHOIRS SING HALLELUJAH! About a month ago, I got my first sleep of consecutive 8 hours since he was born.
-Since sleep training, he also will fall asleep in his car seat for the first time ever!
-He learned the word 'no' and isn't afraid to use it.
-Calls me mommy recently
-Knows all his body parts and probably 25 animal sounds
-So many new words, my favorites are balloon (boon), moon, ice (yice), bike, snow (noe), hi/bye (yeye), lights (yights), banana (nana), football (muh-mall) shoes (sues) wow, yellow, olaf (yellowf) elmo, elbow (elmo), cheese and bum-bum
-Loves kicking his little soccer ball, could do it all day and is actually getting pretty good!
-Sleeps with his sippy cup of water like it's a stuffed animal, he curls up with it under his body and won't let go
-He is really into games on the ipad, counting and letter games, it is embarrassing how good he is with that thing.
-New favorite foods are broccoli and smoothies and he still loves anything sweet
-Hates shopping, he knows exactly where we are when we go into the mall and will start running away as soon as we get close to the Gap
-Loves Costco though, will start asking to hold the Costco card in the parking lot and he is so pumped and proud to give the receipt to get marked on the way out.
-Has stayed by himself at nursery twice, he struggles a lot when we leave, they say he does pretty good once he calms down but then when we come to pick him up, he breaks down when he sees us, it is so sad.
-Takes 1 nap, almost always 1.5 hours
-Like to pick out his own socks which I fear is a gateway item to wanting to pick out his own clothes
-LOVES any and all balls.
-Has gone bathroom on the potty twice after randomly pointing to the toilet
-Asks for his toothbrush to brush his teeth at least 5 times a day
-copies absolutely everything we do
-shrugs his shoulders when you ask how come, always says 9 when you ask him what time it is, and hold up one finger if you ask him how old he is

Sunday, November 30, 2014

47/52 48/52

                          A Photo Series 'A picture of my child once a week, every week for a year'

The moment he saw Santa Clause ride in on a motorcade {The lighting of the Riverwoods}

This week it was really hard being an almost-two-year-old 

Friday, November 21, 2014

My absolute fav new app! KEEP

So with holiday shopping on the mind, and making my wishlists, checking them twice I discovered the most amazing app!

Guys, I think this app is the next big thing. This post is not sponsored or anything in any way but I  I think it is so simple but so smart and it is so addicting and dangerous!

The app is called KEEP. It is like Pinterest for shopping. Anything that is for sale anywhere on the internet can be on keep.  They have billions of items already on there but if you want something not already on keep, you can browse the web from within the app and add anything you want to the app! (Or from your desktop with the keep button)

You can browse, just like Pinterest the trending items and items people you follow 'keep'. If you click on something you like, it shows you where it's from and how much it is and the sizes/colors/options available.  Then you can KEEP it to one of your 'collections' like shoes, clothes etc. Or you can put it on your wishlist, or you can buy it! It notices what you like and keep and makes suggestions based on your style.

Here is the best part-the first ever universal shopping cart.  That means that I can buy everything on my wishlist or in my cart with only ONE CHECKOUT. I can but items from Gap, Nordstom, Etsy and some obscure swedish site in one transaction.  You only need to fill out all that annoying check out info once, you know exactly how much you are spending and it is so easy!

I am hooked.  You can follow me here

 ^^^You can add a Keep button to your desktop and keep anything you find on the web!

 ^^^My collections so far!

^^^^One Cart, one checkout!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Christmas Books for Kids

I love the idea of a book advent calendar.

25 wrapped Christmas books, one to open each night and read before bed every night leading up to Christmas. So when Ben and I got married, I asked him to get me a Christmas book each year. I dream of having a huge wonderful collection one day that I can pass down to my kids. I want everything from spiritual Christmas books and kids Christmas books and all the classics. Now that we have Everett, instead of Ben giving me a Christmas book, Ben and I both pick one or two out for Everett.  Last year, we got The Polar Express, and this year I have been pouring over Amazon and other lists to try and find the best ones.

Here are a few kids Christmas books that seem to be the best from every list out there!

1. The Polar Express: Can't go wrong. I had actually never read this book until last year, can you believe that! Then I saw the movie and I fell in love with the story, the book is even better.

2.The Night Before Christmas: Do you know you could probably have a huge collection of just variations of this book, there are so so many out there. I'm a sucker for the classic version.

3. The Worst Best Christmas Pageant Ever: I can remember our teachers reading this to us in Elementary school and loving it. "The Herdmans are the worst kids in the history of the world. ..." Oh I love it! The Herdmans learn the Christmas story for the first time!

4: A Charlie Brown Christmas: Ben got this one for me a couple years ago and it gets me in the Christmas spirit!

5: Snowmen at Christmas: I think this is the one we will get for Everett this year. It is a cute story of how snowmen roll of our lawns in the middle of the night and go have their own Christmas all in time to get back to our houses for our Christmas mornings.  The illustrations are so cute too!

6: A wish to be a Christmas Tree: A Tree in the woods is much too tall, so no one wants it as their Christmas tree, which is all this tree ever wanted to be.  So all the animals in the woods get together and give him the best surprise he could ask for.

7: The Mitten: The story of a boy who wants his grandma to knit him white mittens, she warns him that a white mitten will get lost in the snow, and it does. The woodland animals come upon it and take refuge in the soft, warm mitten. And the mitten keeps on stretching and stretching for a mole, a rabbit and even a bear. Such a cute little book! (Apparently there is an original story and a 20 year anniversary story by Jan Brett, people are very passionate about the versions and it seems the original is a better choice by Alvin Tresselt)

8: How the Grinch Stole Christmas: I don't really like Dr. Seuss books, but Christmas isn't Christmas without the Grinch.

9: Christmas in the Manger. A Little board book about the animals in the manger, very cute and simple for young toddlers.

10: The Christmas Train: A true story told by Thomas S. Monson and when he first learned the true meaning of Christmas and giving.

What are some of your favorite Christmas books?
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