Friday, January 31, 2014

Barks and Recreation

Totally E's spirit dog right?  (Parks and Rec anyone?) or maybe this one...
One day, Everett did something that reminded me of a puppy, then he did something else puppy-like, so list #338 was made in my phone and I have been adding to it every time Everett does something k9-ish.  I realize this is completely  random (you should see all the weird stuff I make into phone lists) but I thought I would share:

Baby or Puppy?

Whines and scratches at door after Ben leaves
Eats anything we drop on the floor
Gets around on all fours
Loves to chew on shoes and cords
Bathroom door left open? Goes straight for the toilet bowl
Is not yet house/potty trained
Responds to "Come here" "Sit"  and "go get it"
Watches us eat very carefully
So excited when dad comes home (probably pees himself)
Likes to chase other babies (puppies) and smell them
Loves to go on walks
Prefers 'human food' to his baby/puppy food
And chases his feet/tail (his new pj's had monkey on the feet) see video:

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Everett: 11 Months

This almost one year stuff is starting to get real, and it is freaking me out a little.  I still can't decide if time is moving fast or slow all I know is it getting more fun every single day.  

This month was a rough one for us.  Everett had an ear infection before Christmas (his second one since September) He was on antibiotics, so I assumed it was gone.  About a month later, his eye was all red and leaky and gross, I debated taking him to the doctor, because it was usually better a little after he woke up, but I decided to anyways and it was a good thing I did becuase it turns out not only did he have a double eye infection but a 'raging ear infection' as well.  I felt so guilty, he was in pain every day and I had no idea.  He went on some stronger antibiotics but when we took him to the doctor again last week it was still horrible.  I asked the doctor how much pain he was in because he was still pretty happy for the most part.  The doctor said he was probably used to the pain and just accepted that that is how his ear feels, which was even more heartbreaking for some reason.  Anyways we are trying one more antibiotic and if this doesn't work, he will have to get tubes in his ears.  Have any of your guys' kids had to get tubes?  How were they? I have heard they are pretty common, I just hate the thought of him having to go under for surgery! 

Despite all that, he has been pretty great.

He is cruising everywhere, all over the furniture (and he can move fast).  He can stand completely on his own, but is just a little nervous to take those first steps.  We are definitely not rushing him.  My mom got him a walker toy for Christmas, and he loves to walk and push that all over the house.

He continues to be such a great eater.  He is the happiest when he is eating.  He is not picky in the slightest and will literally eat anything we put in front of him.  He like pasta, yogurt, soup, potatoes, strawberries, toast, bananas and oatmeal.  He still eats some baby food too but much prefers 'real food'.  We are still nursing and it is still the only way he will go to sleep but recently he fell asleep with Ben while taking a bottle (I was so shocked) which makes me feel a lot less nervous about maybe trying to wean him at one year? Even though he eats a ton, he is still so skinny and hasn't gained very much weight the last few months.  The doctor says its because he is much more active, but also because of all the meds he has been on (which are not good on his bowels and poor little bum) People always think he is younger than he is #skinnyboyproblems

 ^^^My parents visited last weekend and Everett was in heaven

Sometimes I am so blown away at how much of a little personality and sense of humor he has, I feel like I haven't even taught him anything yet!  He is still only saying 'mama' (but he thinks both Ben and I are mama) but he understands so much.  He knows the words clap, splash, no, mom, dad, nitenite, dance and what they mean.  He really loves dancing, he waves his hands back and forth and bounces up and down. It is my favorite. He is also very vocal about what he does not want or if we take something away, he will throw this mini tantrum and throw his head back and cry, we just try to distract him with something else and calm him down without giving into what he wants.  

Still not sleeping great, he wakes up 2-4 times a night, and I haven't been letting him cry it out since we found out about his ear infection.  For about a week this month he was sleeping in till 7:45am after his last feed and it was so amazing.  He is usually taking two good naps a day though, so I can't  complain (well I can, and I do, but it could be worse)

*Also-Fake laughs, can {kind of} feed himself with a spoon and playing independently a little more.

One more month till the much anticipated one year mark where I put way too many newborn pics of him on instagram and way too much work into a party he will never remember, can't wait!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Our 6-12 Month Product Favs

So I know I am still a mom newb, but I did the newborn and colic essentials post so I thought I would add our favorite items for the second half of the first year!

1. This white noise machine is amazing, we bring it in our suitcases on all our trips just because we love it so much. It helps Everett sleep, and blocks out outside noise too, so even in our little apartment, we don't feel like we need to whisper after we put Everett down.  It is actually really soothing, we are debating getting one for our room as well.

2. Car mirror. This item changed my life. I would actually recommend this from day one.  When Everett was a newborn (before we had this) I would get so scared when he stopped screaming suddenly (he despises the car seat) and was silent, I would have to pull over multiple times to make sure he wasn't blue in the face choking or something (yes-first time mom). So now, I can see exactly what he is doing and it gives me so much peace of mind while driving (well as peaceful as it can be with a screaming child) We don't even use the remote or light, so you could get a simpler, cheaper one that would probably be just fine.

3. I should basically be Gap Baby's spokesperson because I love their clothes so much.  They are super trendy, great quality and affordable when you wait until a sale. Just last week, Gap was offering 40% off sale items, and I got Everett 8 items for $30.  I usually pay less than 5 dollars for shirts and onsies and 5-14 dollars for pants. I stock up on bigger sizes when they have sales like this too.  Another favorite is a Canadian brand called Joe Fresh (sold at the Canadian Superstore) but recently JC Penney started carrying some (not all) of their stuff.  Also great quality and very affordable.

 4.  Everett spends a lot of time eating and therefore a lot of time in this highchair and we LOVE it.  It was only 20 bucks from IKEA.  It is the perfect size, has a strap and wipes down easily.  Such a good bang for your buck.

5. Target Up&UP baby food pouches.  I usually tried to make Everett's baby food when we were home and now he mostly eats table food, but these are so great when you are on the go or out to eat.  These are by far the cheapest baby food pouches I have found (only 89 cents with extra 10% off with Target Cartwheel app) and they are actually the ones Everett prefers to the more expensive ones.  His favorite are banana/plum and pumpkin/banana.

6. Straw sippy cups and snack containers.  These are a diaper bag staple. There is some research out there that sippy cups aren't always great for babies (can lead to more ear infections, speech problems and chewing and swallowing wrong) I don't know how true that is, but we decided to do straw sippy cups instead which aren't necessarily associated with those problems and bonus-Everett learns to drink from a straw.  The snack containers are great so that Everett can grab the snacks himself without getting to many because of the way the lid is designed.

7. For some reason I did not know nighttime diapers existed for young babies (I thought only for toddlers) until my cousin Kristy told me about them after I told her Everett was peeing through his diaper and sleeper every night.  These have been amazing and it hasn't happened since.  She recommenced buying them one size bigger than their current diaper size.  Seriously could have avoided so many mid-night diaper and sleeper change scream-fests if I had gotten these sooner! (I would probably start around 3 or 4 months)

8.  Everett just got this walk-and-ride toy for Christmas from his Grandma and Grandpa Mac after showing an intense desire to push things around the house (ie-laundry baskets) and falling in love with a pink one he tried out in NH.  So, after a lot of review reading on every walk and ride toy out there, this was the winner and Everett LOVES it.  Here is a link to the other one I liked too.

Monday, January 20, 2014

2/52 3/52


In the bath we sing our own version of "splish splash I was takin' a bath, long about a Saturday night. Rub a dub-dub, just a splashin' in the tub, everything will be alriiiiiiiiiiiight. I was a splishin' and a splashin'.... "


Everett loves to check the weather every morning. This particular morning was very frosty.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day in/Day out

After ten and a half months of days spent with Everett, we are settling into a little routine.  Everett isn't necessarily a laid back baby and we have found that he does best when we stick to a schedule.  I think I do a pretty decent job of documenting our outings and trips, but most of the time we are just doing the every day stuff, so I thought I should write it down. You know memories, posterity etc. etc.

gooood mmmooorrrrnnniiinnngggg
 6-7am: Everett wakes up, I hear him crying and a electric current of dread runs down my body {I am not a morning person-especially after getting up with him usually twice at night}
7-8am: Everett is usually happy in the mornings which makes it easier for me when he gives me big smiles and babbles to me when I get him out of bed.  He usually only plays with his toys during this hour.  I lay on the couch or on the floor with him and he crawls around and explores/plays.
8-9am: We eat breakfast.  Almost every day we share two pieces of toast, a banana and a glass of OJ. {Everett has jam stains on almost all his sleepers} We also face time my parents during this time, my little sister still at home LOVES face time and my mom and I can talk last nights bachelor episode.
9-10am: Everett nurses and goes down for his first nap {approx. 2 hours after he woke up} He is pretty inconsistent with his naps and they can be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half.  If he had a bad night or if he got up super early, I usually try to lay down and nap too.
10am-12pm: Everett and I wake up from our nap, get dressed for the day and we usually try to get out of the house at this point.  We go to the mall or target or grocery shopping. {If we don't go out, this is the longest 2 hours of the day!} See below:
cabin fever
12pm-1pm: We go and jump on the bed and wake up Ben {Ben works night shifts and doesn't usually get home till 4am so he sleeps until noon most days} We all play with dad in the bed for a little {Everett is ecstatic to see someone besides me}Then Everett and I usually eat lunch-these days he usually has some pureed baby food, but also some of whatever I am eating for lunch.
1-3pm: Ben is off to school {Everett cries at the door every time he leaves} This is usually when Everett goes down for second nap (approx. 3 hours after he woke up from Nap 1) Again, this nap lasts anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour and a half. I try to be a little productive during this nap-cleaning or laundry or catching up on blogs
3pm-5pm: Everett and Ben time. Ben and Everett play and this is the time where I usually get my shower for the day, but at this point, it mostly seems pointless.  

 just some 'hungry caterpillar' before bed

If Ben works:
5-6pm: Ben goes to work, Everett and I play, eat a small dinner, then bath, read a book and he nurses to sleep around 6pm.  Most people are surprised at his super early bedtime, but no matter what time he goes to bed, he still gets up at the same time in the morning, so we put him to bed at 6 and it works for us.
6-10pm: I am usually super bored without Ben, watch a lot of TV, blog, clean, pay the bills etc. and head to bed between 9:30 and 10 {Sometimes my little sister comes over on these nights and is a saving grace}

If Ben has the night off
5-6pm: I usually cook something more elaborate than if it was just Everett and I, or we go out to eat! We come home and do Everett's bath and bedtime routine together {so much more fun when daddy is home}  and Everett goes down to bed.
6-10pm: We usually wait to eat what I cooked until after Everett goes to bed, then if Ben doesn't have to much homework we pop some popcorn and watch a movie or sometimes have friends over to play games or something.
I still try to go to bed by 10, even though most times I don't want to, or I will super regret it at my 6am wake up call.
Post-bath baby jesus swaddled cuddly baby is my fav!

So that is what a normal day looks like for us, although I dearly miss sleeping in and morning showers and night shifts for Ben are not ideal, I love my days spent with Everett and am grateful that for right now I get to be home with him.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Joyeux Noel

Well we spent just a wonderful little Christmas in New England this year.  Although it was the first year not having Christmas at my house (I face-timed in on Christmas morning though, almost the same) it was great to be with my other side of the family for the 25th.  It was the first time all of the kids from Ben's dad side have been together for Christmas ever! We spent actual Christmas morning in Montreal with (almost) all of Ben's extended family and despite the language barrier and a few french traditions that were new to me, it was pretty great!  And although I still probably prefer Turkey to Montreal Meat Pie, I could get used to the playing games till wee hours of the morning on Christmas Eve.  
(Most families in Montreal also open all their presents on Christmas Eve at midnight too)

We had our own Christmas morning in New Hampshire with just our immediate family when we got back to NH.  The stockings were stuffed, Christmas Eve pajamas worn, the last gifts were wrapped and the younger siblings were so happy that Santa made a special exception for us and waited a couple days to come visit our chimney. 

Christmas morning was chaotic and so fun, I forgot how fun it is to watch little kids open 'the best gifts ever'.  Everett knew something exciting was happening and was really happy and full of energy, there were lots of squeals and clapping from his corner.  From mine to actually, I got a new DSLR camera that I have been wanting for years from Ben and my mother in law and I was in complete shock, I am not usually too surprised on Christmas as I usually pick out my gifts but they sure got me this year. Everett loved the wrapping paper and bows but I like to think he also appreciated the thought that went into his other gifts too.

We played so many games, I am so happy I married into a family that loves games as much as I do. It is always my favorite part of our trip to play games and just hang out with the fam in the evenings. One night we went to go ice skating at Boston Commons, turns out everyone in Boston also had the same idea so the lines were much too long.  So instead we 'shoe-skated' on the Swan Boat River next door in the Boston Public Gardens. We eventually wandered over to the Commons ice rink for some fried dough and picture ops, you know-memories! I like the city of Boston more every time we get to visit and we have only explored a corner of it.  

The trip went by way too fast and we were sad to leave, although it looks like we did just in time before this huge storm rolled in over there.  It was a pretty perfect first Christmas for Everett, and I even got my Turkey!  

A billion pictures, coming right up.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

1/52 A Photo Series

Last year, a lot of bloggers I follow did a photo series, a picture of their children or pets or what have you, once a week, every week for a year.  My favorite was this blog.  Well I got a new DSLR camera for Christmas (eek!) and I am very slowly learning how to use it.  I don't want to become a photographer or anything like that I just want to know how to use my camera and take good pictures of us (well mostly Everett). I am reading a lot of tutorials and asking all my photog friends for advice and it all points to-practice-just take a lot of pictures of everything you can.

Anyways since it is a new year and I have a new camera, I am going to try and do this-A picture of Everett once a week, every week in 2014.  When I told Ben I wanted to do this, he was confused and told me 'but you take a picture of Everett like once an hour'-So I guess I want to post a picture I am proud of once a week of the babe. Then by the end of the year, I will hopefully be a lot better at using my camera and taking pictures and also have 52 photos of Everett and make them into a book a book or something.

I plan on posting them on Sundays, but probably not every week-maybe once a month or something, we'll see.

So here is week 1/52 {Remember I am just barley learning so no judging!}

Everett's first time eating spaghetti.  I don't usually like pictures of babies eating food but...I mean....

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Everett: 10 Months

(Everett turned 10 Months on Christmas, so this is blogged a week late)

Everett is 18.4 pounds last time we checked, everyone always comments on how little he is. //Size 3 diapers but size 4 nighttime diapers//fits perfectly in 6-12 month clothing now but not for long.

10 Months is the best months, I am sure of it.  I know I will be saying that next month as well but this one is a such a good one.  Despite poppin out his 4 top teeth and having a wicked flu this month, he still managed to be the best friend a girl could ask for.

He is a speedy speedy crawler, he stands up on everything, he now sidesteps around on furniture and pushes walker toys or laundry baskets to 'walk' around the house.  He stood up for the first time on his own in New Hampshire for about 10 seconds but hasn't done it since. He is so busy all the time and is into everything, I  basically just chase him around all day as he touches and explores everything.  We are seriously in trouble for when he can walk, which I don't think will be to far off.

He says 'mama' and 'mmmoooommmm' but mostly when he is in distress like when he wakes up in the middle of the night or really wants me to pick him up or something. I still love it, and will basically do whatever he wants when he says it. He is also just a lot more vocal overall this month and likes the sound of his own voice.

Everett llllooovvveeesss breastfeeding. I am not sure how we are going to be able to stop at a year, it is the ONLY way he will go to sleep (colic habits die hard ok!) and so we are going to play that deadline by ear.  He is eating way more solids these days and will eat anything we put in front of him.  This month he tried things like meat, mashed potatoes, pasta and mac and cheese.

Everett loves to PLAY! He always wants to be chased and tickled and 'wrestle-ish' with Ben.  He still loves peek a boo behind walls or doors and then we pop out and 'scare' him. He loves the game where we put him in his crib and chase him around and reach in to 'get him' from the outside. He laughs easily and is so smiley. He knows the word 'no' and when he is not supposed to do something.  For example, he knows he is not allowed to stand up on the tub in the bathroom, so if he goes in there, he will start for the tub, look back to see if I am looking and if I am and tell him no, he gives me a mischievous look and goes anyways, wanting me to chase him.  He is still quite shy around strangers but will warm up to most people quickly, he is definitely clingy to his parents though, that's for sure. He will still burst out in sobs if someone is to loud or in his face that he doesn't know.

He is still not sleeping through the night (it's his New Years resolution) and still getting up 2-3 times but the good news is he is improving.  His naps are better during the day (usually 2 1 hour+ naps) and he can get back to sleep on his own if he wakes up too soon after I fed him for me to feed him again.  We re-trained him when we got home from AZ last month and he was doing really well until teething and the flu hit so now we are training again-Round 537.

Some other things I want to remember about 10 months.
-He loves to clap, and is so proud when everyone says 'yyyaaayyyy Everett'
-He dances when he hears music by either flapping his arms or just sitting and rocking (his favorite song is the gummy bear song from Youtube)
-He still despises his car seat (ask me how the 6 hour drive to Montreal was?)
-He imitates everything we do.  He likes to copy us shaking our heads the most.
-He used to actually give kisses when asked but now if you ask him for a kiss he just smacks his lips and makes the noise, so lazy!
-He decided that diaper changes are the worst thing ever and we have to come fully prepared with distractions and back up distractions if we want it to go smoothly.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tof 5 of 2013

Here is our top 5 of 2013

 ^^^ Everett's birth (duh!) on February 25th and Ben making it just in the nick of time (tender mercy). Also the week that my mom came and spent with us in Utah after Everett was born was one of my favorite weeks of the year-my mom teaching me to be a mom-I could not have done it without her.

^^^ Everett growing out of his colic at around 4.5 months.  I sometimes didn't believe it would ever happen but sure enough he grew out of the constant crying and screaming and pain and I didn't feel so helpless all the time.  It was so good to see him not hurting anymore and to see what a happy baby he was behind that colic nonsense!
^^^ We were really lucky this year to be able to go on some great trips to see family.  St. George, Waterton, Echo Lake, Phoenix (twice), New England (twice) and Montreal.  Everett has been on 11 flights in his short life.  It is really hard living away from family but these trips made it bearable.

^^^Everett's first Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.  Every holiday really is so much more special and magical with a baby.  It has been one of my favorite parts of motherhood is seeing everything through his eyes like it was the first time.

^^^June 25, 2013.  Everett;s first laugh.  He took a long time to actually giggle like this when it seemed other babies his age were all the time.  So yes, this is one of my favorites of the year and yes that is me half crying/half laughing in this video.

2013 was my best year yet!

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