Friday, January 31, 2014

Barks and Recreation

Totally E's spirit dog right?  (Parks and Rec anyone?) or maybe this one...
One day, Everett did something that reminded me of a puppy, then he did something else puppy-like, so list #338 was made in my phone and I have been adding to it every time Everett does something k9-ish.  I realize this is completely  random (you should see all the weird stuff I make into phone lists) but I thought I would share:

Baby or Puppy?

Whines and scratches at door after Ben leaves
Eats anything we drop on the floor
Gets around on all fours
Loves to chew on shoes and cords
Bathroom door left open? Goes straight for the toilet bowl
Is not yet house/potty trained
Responds to "Come here" "Sit"  and "go get it"
Watches us eat very carefully
So excited when dad comes home (probably pees himself)
Likes to chase other babies (puppies) and smell them
Loves to go on walks
Prefers 'human food' to his baby/puppy food
And chases his feet/tail (his new pj's had monkey on the feet) see video:


Jordan Osborne said...

I just read this while in a meeting and literally burst out laughing. oh geez. My favorite line is that he literalyl pees himself when ben comes home.

jennica said...

That puppy is so so so so cute!! So Is Everett so you totally nailed his spirit dog.

Emma said...

this is so so great.

Emma Ashby said...

Baha! This is the best list ever! Babies really are a lot like puppies! So good!

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