Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day in/Day out

After ten and a half months of days spent with Everett, we are settling into a little routine.  Everett isn't necessarily a laid back baby and we have found that he does best when we stick to a schedule.  I think I do a pretty decent job of documenting our outings and trips, but most of the time we are just doing the every day stuff, so I thought I should write it down. You know memories, posterity etc. etc.

gooood mmmooorrrrnnniiinnngggg
 6-7am: Everett wakes up, I hear him crying and a electric current of dread runs down my body {I am not a morning person-especially after getting up with him usually twice at night}
7-8am: Everett is usually happy in the mornings which makes it easier for me when he gives me big smiles and babbles to me when I get him out of bed.  He usually only plays with his toys during this hour.  I lay on the couch or on the floor with him and he crawls around and explores/plays.
8-9am: We eat breakfast.  Almost every day we share two pieces of toast, a banana and a glass of OJ. {Everett has jam stains on almost all his sleepers} We also face time my parents during this time, my little sister still at home LOVES face time and my mom and I can talk last nights bachelor episode.
9-10am: Everett nurses and goes down for his first nap {approx. 2 hours after he woke up} He is pretty inconsistent with his naps and they can be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half.  If he had a bad night or if he got up super early, I usually try to lay down and nap too.
10am-12pm: Everett and I wake up from our nap, get dressed for the day and we usually try to get out of the house at this point.  We go to the mall or target or grocery shopping. {If we don't go out, this is the longest 2 hours of the day!} See below:
cabin fever
12pm-1pm: We go and jump on the bed and wake up Ben {Ben works night shifts and doesn't usually get home till 4am so he sleeps until noon most days} We all play with dad in the bed for a little {Everett is ecstatic to see someone besides me}Then Everett and I usually eat lunch-these days he usually has some pureed baby food, but also some of whatever I am eating for lunch.
1-3pm: Ben is off to school {Everett cries at the door every time he leaves} This is usually when Everett goes down for second nap (approx. 3 hours after he woke up from Nap 1) Again, this nap lasts anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour and a half. I try to be a little productive during this nap-cleaning or laundry or catching up on blogs
3pm-5pm: Everett and Ben time. Ben and Everett play and this is the time where I usually get my shower for the day, but at this point, it mostly seems pointless.  

 just some 'hungry caterpillar' before bed

If Ben works:
5-6pm: Ben goes to work, Everett and I play, eat a small dinner, then bath, read a book and he nurses to sleep around 6pm.  Most people are surprised at his super early bedtime, but no matter what time he goes to bed, he still gets up at the same time in the morning, so we put him to bed at 6 and it works for us.
6-10pm: I am usually super bored without Ben, watch a lot of TV, blog, clean, pay the bills etc. and head to bed between 9:30 and 10 {Sometimes my little sister comes over on these nights and is a saving grace}

If Ben has the night off
5-6pm: I usually cook something more elaborate than if it was just Everett and I, or we go out to eat! We come home and do Everett's bath and bedtime routine together {so much more fun when daddy is home}  and Everett goes down to bed.
6-10pm: We usually wait to eat what I cooked until after Everett goes to bed, then if Ben doesn't have to much homework we pop some popcorn and watch a movie or sometimes have friends over to play games or something.
I still try to go to bed by 10, even though most times I don't want to, or I will super regret it at my 6am wake up call.
Post-bath baby jesus swaddled cuddly baby is my fav!

So that is what a normal day looks like for us, although I dearly miss sleeping in and morning showers and night shifts for Ben are not ideal, I love my days spent with Everett and am grateful that for right now I get to be home with him.


Bry Peterson said...

Great post! I love hearing about Mom's schedules with their kids. I definitely wonder how our routine/life will change when we have our baby but you are doing great by the looks of it! Such a great Mom, and Everett is so handsome!

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