Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Everett: 11 Months

This almost one year stuff is starting to get real, and it is freaking me out a little.  I still can't decide if time is moving fast or slow all I know is it getting more fun every single day.  

This month was a rough one for us.  Everett had an ear infection before Christmas (his second one since September) He was on antibiotics, so I assumed it was gone.  About a month later, his eye was all red and leaky and gross, I debated taking him to the doctor, because it was usually better a little after he woke up, but I decided to anyways and it was a good thing I did becuase it turns out not only did he have a double eye infection but a 'raging ear infection' as well.  I felt so guilty, he was in pain every day and I had no idea.  He went on some stronger antibiotics but when we took him to the doctor again last week it was still horrible.  I asked the doctor how much pain he was in because he was still pretty happy for the most part.  The doctor said he was probably used to the pain and just accepted that that is how his ear feels, which was even more heartbreaking for some reason.  Anyways we are trying one more antibiotic and if this doesn't work, he will have to get tubes in his ears.  Have any of your guys' kids had to get tubes?  How were they? I have heard they are pretty common, I just hate the thought of him having to go under for surgery! 

Despite all that, he has been pretty great.

He is cruising everywhere, all over the furniture (and he can move fast).  He can stand completely on his own, but is just a little nervous to take those first steps.  We are definitely not rushing him.  My mom got him a walker toy for Christmas, and he loves to walk and push that all over the house.

He continues to be such a great eater.  He is the happiest when he is eating.  He is not picky in the slightest and will literally eat anything we put in front of him.  He like pasta, yogurt, soup, potatoes, strawberries, toast, bananas and oatmeal.  He still eats some baby food too but much prefers 'real food'.  We are still nursing and it is still the only way he will go to sleep but recently he fell asleep with Ben while taking a bottle (I was so shocked) which makes me feel a lot less nervous about maybe trying to wean him at one year? Even though he eats a ton, he is still so skinny and hasn't gained very much weight the last few months.  The doctor says its because he is much more active, but also because of all the meds he has been on (which are not good on his bowels and poor little bum) People always think he is younger than he is #skinnyboyproblems

 ^^^My parents visited last weekend and Everett was in heaven

Sometimes I am so blown away at how much of a little personality and sense of humor he has, I feel like I haven't even taught him anything yet!  He is still only saying 'mama' (but he thinks both Ben and I are mama) but he understands so much.  He knows the words clap, splash, no, mom, dad, nitenite, dance and what they mean.  He really loves dancing, he waves his hands back and forth and bounces up and down. It is my favorite. He is also very vocal about what he does not want or if we take something away, he will throw this mini tantrum and throw his head back and cry, we just try to distract him with something else and calm him down without giving into what he wants.  

Still not sleeping great, he wakes up 2-4 times a night, and I haven't been letting him cry it out since we found out about his ear infection.  For about a week this month he was sleeping in till 7:45am after his last feed and it was so amazing.  He is usually taking two good naps a day though, so I can't  complain (well I can, and I do, but it could be worse)

*Also-Fake laughs, can {kind of} feed himself with a spoon and playing independently a little more.

One more month till the much anticipated one year mark where I put way too many newborn pics of him on instagram and way too much work into a party he will never remember, can't wait!


Robyn said...

I Can't believe he is almost a year!! He is so dang cute!

Bry Peterson said...

Aw poor little man! He is still so stinkin' adorable though! Love that you keep pics of each month ps. Great idea! :)

Jamie said...

Ryan had to get tubes in his ears for ear infections when he was really little and if I recall right, it was a really good move. You can always ask my mom:) Hope he feels better. What a cute little man!!!

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