Monday, January 6, 2014

Joyeux Noel

Well we spent just a wonderful little Christmas in New England this year.  Although it was the first year not having Christmas at my house (I face-timed in on Christmas morning though, almost the same) it was great to be with my other side of the family for the 25th.  It was the first time all of the kids from Ben's dad side have been together for Christmas ever! We spent actual Christmas morning in Montreal with (almost) all of Ben's extended family and despite the language barrier and a few french traditions that were new to me, it was pretty great!  And although I still probably prefer Turkey to Montreal Meat Pie, I could get used to the playing games till wee hours of the morning on Christmas Eve.  
(Most families in Montreal also open all their presents on Christmas Eve at midnight too)

We had our own Christmas morning in New Hampshire with just our immediate family when we got back to NH.  The stockings were stuffed, Christmas Eve pajamas worn, the last gifts were wrapped and the younger siblings were so happy that Santa made a special exception for us and waited a couple days to come visit our chimney. 

Christmas morning was chaotic and so fun, I forgot how fun it is to watch little kids open 'the best gifts ever'.  Everett knew something exciting was happening and was really happy and full of energy, there were lots of squeals and clapping from his corner.  From mine to actually, I got a new DSLR camera that I have been wanting for years from Ben and my mother in law and I was in complete shock, I am not usually too surprised on Christmas as I usually pick out my gifts but they sure got me this year. Everett loved the wrapping paper and bows but I like to think he also appreciated the thought that went into his other gifts too.

We played so many games, I am so happy I married into a family that loves games as much as I do. It is always my favorite part of our trip to play games and just hang out with the fam in the evenings. One night we went to go ice skating at Boston Commons, turns out everyone in Boston also had the same idea so the lines were much too long.  So instead we 'shoe-skated' on the Swan Boat River next door in the Boston Public Gardens. We eventually wandered over to the Commons ice rink for some fried dough and picture ops, you know-memories! I like the city of Boston more every time we get to visit and we have only explored a corner of it.  

The trip went by way too fast and we were sad to leave, although it looks like we did just in time before this huge storm rolled in over there.  It was a pretty perfect first Christmas for Everett, and I even got my Turkey!  

A billion pictures, coming right up.


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