Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tof 5 of 2013

Here is our top 5 of 2013

 ^^^ Everett's birth (duh!) on February 25th and Ben making it just in the nick of time (tender mercy). Also the week that my mom came and spent with us in Utah after Everett was born was one of my favorite weeks of the year-my mom teaching me to be a mom-I could not have done it without her.

^^^ Everett growing out of his colic at around 4.5 months.  I sometimes didn't believe it would ever happen but sure enough he grew out of the constant crying and screaming and pain and I didn't feel so helpless all the time.  It was so good to see him not hurting anymore and to see what a happy baby he was behind that colic nonsense!
^^^ We were really lucky this year to be able to go on some great trips to see family.  St. George, Waterton, Echo Lake, Phoenix (twice), New England (twice) and Montreal.  Everett has been on 11 flights in his short life.  It is really hard living away from family but these trips made it bearable.

^^^Everett's first Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.  Every holiday really is so much more special and magical with a baby.  It has been one of my favorite parts of motherhood is seeing everything through his eyes like it was the first time.

^^^June 25, 2013.  Everett;s first laugh.  He took a long time to actually giggle like this when it seemed other babies his age were all the time.  So yes, this is one of my favorites of the year and yes that is me half crying/half laughing in this video.

2013 was my best year yet!


Lindsay said...

Aww, what an awesome year it was! So jealous of all of your fun trips. Everett is so cute! My son had colic, too, and reflux -- ugh, so rough! It was such a relief when it all ended!

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