Monday, February 3, 2014

can we talk bachelor for a second...

I know, I know, but can we talk BACH-EH-LORE for a second...

I bribe Ben to watch it with me every week but in all honesty he is not the best bachelor watching companion, mostly he comments on how annoying it is that Juan Pablo has to comfort all these crying girls 24/7.  Live texting with my friend Jenn about what a skank claire is was much more therapeutic, so I guess I am live blogging my bachelor thoughts...I need to talk to some girls about this!

I like...
ANDI (my fav) Nikki (surprisingly still like her, despite their editing to make me not like her and her crap in the pants comments) Chelsea (she grew on me on the bungee date) Ali (sad she went home tonight-thought she was really gorg)

I do not like...
Charlene (Awkward Robot, making Canada look weird) Kat (try-hard) Claire (I mean.......)

On the fence about....
Renee (I actually really like her, I just don't know if JP is feeling is as much as her) Cassandra (She is so so young, and maybe kind of air-head-ish?)

Ok so some of my friends don't really like JP, and get the cocky vibe from him...I love him!!! I think he is so funny, down to earth, sweet, a good dad and his english is really endearing.  There are some cultural mis-communications sometimes I think, but I really like him 'I like dat' 'I like dat' 'eye-eye-eye'

So Vietnam was so pretty!
He and Renee were really sweet on their date, poor girl did not get her candle wish though
I am a fellow sweaty person and I appreciate the fan gesture
Claire annoys the crap out of me
I think she has botox
I was a little peeved at JP for kissing her in the boat in front of all the other girls
why does he think she is so sexy?
Cold pool "de-thawing the ice queen" woof.
The opera singer and JP's kisses look so bad, makes me want to crawl in a hole. So uncomfortable.
They have never shown him with Danielle, dog-lover or Ali.
Should have given Andi the group date rose!
Claire--it is cheating to go and knock on his door, and I hate cheaters
Ummmm k did they do what I think they did in the ocean? She is like sneakily innuendo-ing or something
Giraffe comment.......yikes
Nikki, I know she is kind of snarky but I still like her!
who likes short shorts? ALL OF THEM! Nikki has great legs though
I straight up could not have done the cave thing, like it would have been really awkward but I could not do it.
So awk when he said he did not get a lot of sleep last night.....
The whole drama with Claire at the cocktail party.... I liked it and I am glad he said it was probably a mistake
Ben would be so annoyed at all this crying
It was pretty easy to tell who was going home tonight....

Scenes for next week-Can't even wait.  The bachelor is so freaking entertaining to me haha

What did you think? Who do you guys like? Will JP find love?


Amie said...

JP is kind of a jerk though.... I don't mind him, but whatever he did with Clare seemed mutual and then he turns around and makes her feel bad about it and like she's the skank! I felt bad for her in all honesty. She likes him but will probably end up getting her heart broken because he wants a good image for his daughter.. which he isn't doing a good job maintaining... Double standard.. ex: renae and clare. Anyways mostly everything else I agree on though! I love Renae, and I'm starting to like Nikki more and more. I watched with Michael tonight and he enjoys watching but it's usually him making fun of every single person. haha So annoying. I just can't get JP out of my head though. "iss not eassyyy" :)

Ie Ling said...

I was typing this on my iPad and lost it all. Soo highlights of my comment. I want to be in on this group text. Clare def has Botox and is so annoying. I'm convinced that Charlene's first kiss was on that soccer field. I love Rennae. She's so cute and genuine. Missing bachelor nights at N5. Miss you!

the maclennan five said...

Ok so I lost some respect for Juan Pablo with the Claire thing. He says one thing about being a good example for his daughter and then does the Claire thing. If you talk the talk you gotta walk the walk!

jennica said...

HAHAHA. seriously cassie. this was best recap of bachelor! Makes me wish we were watching it together! Maybe I can convince you to wait for me to finish work for like the finale or something. or else live texting might help me get through. Brian says the exact same things as ben.. he just comments on how juan pablo looks so bored comforting all the crying women. funny thing that they are annoyed with crying when they picked us to marry!

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