Thursday, February 27, 2014

Everett: 1 year

Weight: 19.13 (10th percentile) Height: 29 inches (25th percentile) Seven teeth

Holy Crap. Well that year went quick. I know it's cliche but I can't believe it.  
Right in front of my eyes, he turned from this old man grandpa baby who couldn't even hold up his head into a little boy who babbles and plays games and remembers things we say and do with him.

We had such a fun party for him over the weekend (more on that to come) but on his actual birthday we just showered him with kisses, sang him every version of happy birthday 100 times, facetime dates with all the grandparents and we both noticed how he looked just a little bit bigger. 
The last picture of him before he was a one year old, I couldn't stop kissing him the night before his birthday and saying "I can't believe you are going to be a 1 year old tomorrow'// We took him to the park and to get fro-yo on his birthday

It seems like in the last month, Everett has gotten so much smarter and so much more observant.  Every time Ben comes home I have a new 'trick' to show him.  He blows kisses and points to everything, he makes the hand motions when we sing itsy-bitsy spider and he can do the sign for please, more and shakes his head no.
These days I wake up excited to spend the day with my buddy and watch him experience everything.

He is walking!!!! (ish) the most he has taken is 14 steps. Sometimes he is so determined and no matter how many times he falls on his diaper butt, he gets back up and tries again.  And other days he is not having it and would rather crawl. It is hard for me to even imagine him walking all over the house.

He is sleeping quite a bit better these days, after his little bout in the hospital (fever, dehydration and possible viral meningitis) his chronic ear infection finally cleared up and it has made such a difference. He is now only waking up 1-2 times at night, and will often have a nice 7-8 hour stretch.  He is napping much better as well and just today had a 2+ hour afternoon nap.  No, we are still not sleeping completely through the night and I still get a little jealous rage when people post that their 2 month old sleeps 13+ hours uninterrupted, but his improvements have made such a difference and I feel so much better these days.

Everett is still breast-feeding and we are slowly working on weaning him. Very. very slowly.  He loves breastfeeding and frankly so do I, so we aren't in too much of a rush but we are working on it.  He mostly eats only table food and not really too much baby food anymore, which is great and so much easier.  He is really into pasta and ice cream (and q-tips whenever he can get his hands on them). He also would prefer to feed himself at this stage and it is so so messy but a baby and a spoon is too adorable to care. (We think he is left handed)

He is getting a little better at not being so attached to me, but I am still having heart palpitations thinking about leaving him with someone else this weekend while Ben and I go to a Brian Reagan show in SLC, I predict much screaming on Everett's behalf-he just is so dependent on breastfeeding to go to sleep and has some separation anxiety.  We will be paying the babysitter well.

 ^^^Recessive genes for the win!

Everett is starting to really express his wants and needs, this is resulting in him being stubborn and he wants what he wants and he wants it now. He can definitely throw a little fit when he doesn't get his way, but luckily for now he is easily distracted, but I know we have to be careful and not give in.  He still despises the car seat, therefore I still hate driving but food bribing him is a temporary fix at the moment.  We were planning on switching him to forward facing in the next few months when he breaks 20 pounds, but recently have been told we should not until he is two?! Say it isn't so?  Apparently the law is 1 and 20 pound but the AAP or something recommends 2?  When did you mamas switch your kids?  

Something else I want to remember about right now.  One little thing we do about 40 times a day is Everett likes to go in his crib, stand up on the edge and point to each one of his stuffed animals that sit on the window ledge and have us give them to him in his crib.  He doesn't play with them once they are in there or even give them a second look, he just likes to point and dump them in there and repeat.  

All in all this year has been the hardest but most amazing year with our Everett boy.  He truly has changed my world and shown me a new, different kind of love that I think only a mother can know. 

Happy Birthday Everett, let's do it again!

 ^^^Can you even believe what happens in 12 months?


Cindy said...

Awh I loved this post! Everett is beyond adorable and these pictures are beautiful!

chan said...

What a handsome boy! I love him walking while holding the balloon. Such a perfect picture.

Aly said...

happy birthday! we still have our 2 year old rear facing and won't be turning him anytime soon. swedes routinely rear face until 6-7+! it's just so much safer-5 times safer to rear face a 1 year old than forward face! for real. there's a great car seat group on facebook called car seats for the littles. i read about internal decapitation and that was it; i knew we wouldn't forward face for awhile. usually once kids are switched to convertibles they're a lot happier.

also, my 2 year old still nurses. it's recommended to nurse for at least 2 years for the antibodies. don't be in a rush! lifelong benefits!

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