Monday, March 31, 2014


                             A Photo Series 'A picture of my child once a week, every week for a year'

A view from the top: There is a pathetic little 'park' outside of our door that Everett loves and rain or shine we go play on it at least 5 times a day.

Friday, March 28, 2014


If you know me or read this blog often, you know I gotta talk about my shows.  My gosh, was this week sweeps week or something? It seemed like all my shows were so good and I was on an emotional roller coaster.
Parenthood-Oh my goodness, that car scene with Max, I lost it.  That show is really amazing and it always feels so real and that is why it can be so sad, because you know that stuff happens in real life all the time too.  I called Ben sobbing because I didn't want to cry alone and told him that all I want is for Everett to be kind. Also Joel-you can't just be the prefect husband for four seasons and then be so indifferent!? Get over it and get it together!!
Also THE GOOD WIFE?! Tell me you watch this show so we can talk about it-that last episode was so crazy. did. not. see. that. coming. I was in shock and couldn't get to sleep for hours after.

 The Divergent movies!!! I loved the first two books, but the third one ruined everything for me.  I had a girls night with my sister and cousins and we went and saw the first movie and I actually loved it.  Gives me hope they will change stuff to please the people in the last movie.  Also, Theo James just became the most wanted man in America #fourforever.  Could have used more make-out scenes if you ask me.

Weird transition, but I am just really feeling grateful for Ben lately. He works full time (night shifts), he goes to school full time and every second he is home he is playing and helping with Everett. Sometimes I take him for granted and how hard it must be to provide and go to school and be a full time dad/husband.  So here is a big fat thank you shout out!!

Restoration Hardware. For my birthday, Ben got me a RH robe and I put it on every single morning when I get up and I feel so cozy and warm and spa-like.  For Christmas my mom got Ben and I the RH Faux-fur throw and we are obsessed with it.  We don't ever use any other blankets anymore and fight over it every night.  It is the best blanket in the entire world and I wish we had 10.  Although we do have a heated debate over which way the blanket should be used-fur in, or fur out. Fur in, obvi.  I want their faux fur everything now.  At Christmas they had these faux-fur teddy bears and I lose sleep over the regret of not buying it before they were sold out everywhere.

In other news:  Ben started calling Everett Bubba Fett randomly, and I kept thinking it was this cute french term of endearment or something and thought it was the sweetest thing.  Turns out, Boba Fett is actually some star wars character and not very french at all....

Sunday, March 23, 2014


                             A Photo Series 'A picture of my child once a week, every week for a year'


This didn't happen just once either, it happens on EVERY bite of a strawberry


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Seattle Grace II

If you made it part two of our trip-hang in there, we're almost done.  

On our third day there, we went to go visit Everett, Washington-Ben's mission. I remember thinking when Ben told me he served in Everett, that that would be a cute little boys name, but I thought it would probably be a middle name.  Well fast forward 4 years, and we are bringing our Everett to Everett.

This was the first time Ben had been back so it was pretty cool.  We had to take a ferry, and then a quick drive and we were in the mission boundaries.  (The pictures below are at the waterfront where we boarded the ferry)  We drove by the Boeing headquarters and saw the 'Biggest Building in the World'...literally.  We then drove around and saw some of Ben's old apartments, the mission office, the mission home and even met the current mission president.  Everett was asleep in his car seat, for like the first time in his life so he missed most of his namesake, but there was no way in H we were waking that baby up.

^^^One of my new favorite pictures!

After touring around Everett we went and had dinner at the Cheesecake factory (which is my favorite and it was amazing) and then rushed to catch the ferry from Seattle to Bremerton.  We made it in the nick of time and it was perfect because the view of Seattle from the ferry was unreal. Many freezing pictures ensued.

On our last real day, we drove to Scenic Beach, beach is a term used loosely in this situation, but it was really beautiful and very twilight-esque.  We played fetch with the dog and walked along the beach.  The fuzzy mossy trees were magically creepy and I liked how you could be walking in what seemed like a forest and then BAM -Ocean!  Also, Everett was looking especially adorable in his Canada olympic gear (Thanks Grandma Mac).

I am so glad we made this trip, if not only to spend time with Ben's mom, it was so fun to hang out, catch up and of course watch her spoil and love on Everett.  He finally warmed up the last couple days and it made me wish we could have stayed longer.  Again, this trip brought back my thoughts of wishing we lived closer to family...hopefully one day.  I also am supremely happy I finally got to visit the Land of Mcdreamy, and fulfill my Grey's fantasies, and depite the rain, I totally think I could still live there.  Christina and Mer are my people after all!

^^^These are my people too!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Seattle Grace: Episode 1

Ya, I know that title kind of sounds weird/graphic, but you get the point.  Some of you may know my deep deep love for the show Grey's Anatomy.  So even though I had never been to Seattle (except when I was little and can't remember) it is my favorite place in America. When people ask me where I want to live when we grow up it is always either back to Canada or Seattle.  I have loved it since the first episode skyline shot and the first time Derek told Meredith he 'had a thing for ferryboats'.  And even though the actual Seattle Grace Hospital is a set in Hollywood, I still fully expected to casually run into Callie and Arizona at the market. Scratch that, they are surgeons and would never have time to do touristy markets, but maybe I would see them on their way to Joe's or something.  You get the point.  Seattle trip=fantasy.  

My mother in law moved to Seattle (well an island nearby) less than a year ago and we finally got to go visit her!  It was such a wonderful weekend.  Despite the fact Everett decided to boycott sleep and we had to suffer through that Bachelor finale, it was so so great to get away, explore a beautiful place and spend some quality time with 'nana'.  The first night we got there, we accompanied my MIL and Teddy the goldendoodle to a beautiful dog park.  We all really enjoyed it, but mostly Teddy.

The next day we went to explore Seattle.  We had to take a 45 minute ferry ride to get there and this being my first ferry ride I was so so excited.  I pictured myself very Addison Montgomery out on the sundeck looking at the skyline while Merideth's voice narrated sometime meaningful in my head.  Albeit, it was a little less glamorous than I thought, and I did get a little seasick (I know-pathetic) but it is still a top shop form of transportation in my books-the fact that we could be travelling while Everett did not have to be in his carseat (screaming) was a definite plus.  It was very rainy this day-and continued to be all weekend, but I didn't mind, it seemed like part of the charm.

We of course went to the iconic Pikes Place market, first stop-disgusting but pretty cool giant wall of chewed gum.  I wondered how this wall ended up this way and when the Seattle clean up team just said 'screw it, tourists can just come and take pictures in front of it'.  Everett wanted to grab the gum off the wall, so I had to distract with blowing bubbles with my own gum.  I guess I didn't realize how truly gross it was until I went to go stick my own piece and leave my mark. Plus, I'm a natural gum swallow-er.  The actual market was the most colorful and biggest farmers market I have ever been to, and it smelled like fish. a lot.  I loved the flower stands, they were by far my favorite.  It was very rainy so we couldn't stay too long, and a Chipotle down the street was a dry safe haven before we headed home.

Stay tuned for scenes from next episode.....

Monday, March 17, 2014

9/52 10/52 11/52

A Photo Series 'A picture of my child once a week, every week for a year'


Birthday balloons tied to your butt


Everett's favorite place to be #bjornforever

 That pointer finger rules our household

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


A couple days before Everett's real birthday, we had a little family and friends party for him. We decided on an ice cream party, because Everett loves ice cream and sundae bars and root-beer floats are awesome.  I know that a one year old was not going to remember anything about this party, but I love this kind of stuff so whatever!  We felt so loved on Everett's behalf as family and friends piled into our tiny apartment to wish Everett a happy birthday and Everett was on cloud NINE with all the attention and singing and hugs and cake!

I made all the decorations myself, I am not usually a crafty person, but these mom instincts must be doing something to help me out. I made the fringed garlands using this tutorial.  I designed all the printables on photoshop and printed them out and glued them on various things.  I got the ice cream cone party favor idea from pinterest using Nutter Butters, white chocolate, sprinkles and a red m&m for a cherry and then got the cellophane bags at the Paper Store.  I thought it was pretty clear they were ice cream cones, but apparently they needed a bit more explanation.

We had ice cream and every topping you could hope for, including my favorite-homemade chocolate and caramel sauce. Surprisingly though, the gummy worms were the first to go.  I got made fun of-but YES I pre-scooped the ice cream the night before to make it easier and who likes to sit there and scoop ice cream while a party is going on.  (Martha's method here) And of course, IBC bottled root-beer and Orange Crush. My friend Jordan made the delicious cookies that were a huge hit-recipe found here.  I found the blank fro-yo containers at Zurchers and then added the labels.

My favorite part of the whole night was singing Happy Birthday and watching Everett go to town on his very own cupcake.  We all gathered around him in his chair and he could not stop smiling.  We sang happy birthday and helped him blow out his candle, then just let him go for it an go for it he did.  He ate almost the entire cupcake-although he did manage to get a good amount on the floor as well.  He loves sweets, so I am pretty sure this was one of his great life moments so far. He squished it between his fingers and stuffed the entire icing topping into his mouth.  We were so proud.

It really was such a great night.  Even after everyone left, Everett was still bouncing off the walls, smiling from ear to ear and ended up going to bed almost 2 hours later than usual.  Thanks so much for everyone who came and being such a special part of celebrating Everett's first year!

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