Friday, March 28, 2014


If you know me or read this blog often, you know I gotta talk about my shows.  My gosh, was this week sweeps week or something? It seemed like all my shows were so good and I was on an emotional roller coaster.
Parenthood-Oh my goodness, that car scene with Max, I lost it.  That show is really amazing and it always feels so real and that is why it can be so sad, because you know that stuff happens in real life all the time too.  I called Ben sobbing because I didn't want to cry alone and told him that all I want is for Everett to be kind. Also Joel-you can't just be the prefect husband for four seasons and then be so indifferent!? Get over it and get it together!!
Also THE GOOD WIFE?! Tell me you watch this show so we can talk about it-that last episode was so crazy. did. not. see. that. coming. I was in shock and couldn't get to sleep for hours after.

 The Divergent movies!!! I loved the first two books, but the third one ruined everything for me.  I had a girls night with my sister and cousins and we went and saw the first movie and I actually loved it.  Gives me hope they will change stuff to please the people in the last movie.  Also, Theo James just became the most wanted man in America #fourforever.  Could have used more make-out scenes if you ask me.

Weird transition, but I am just really feeling grateful for Ben lately. He works full time (night shifts), he goes to school full time and every second he is home he is playing and helping with Everett. Sometimes I take him for granted and how hard it must be to provide and go to school and be a full time dad/husband.  So here is a big fat thank you shout out!!

Restoration Hardware. For my birthday, Ben got me a RH robe and I put it on every single morning when I get up and I feel so cozy and warm and spa-like.  For Christmas my mom got Ben and I the RH Faux-fur throw and we are obsessed with it.  We don't ever use any other blankets anymore and fight over it every night.  It is the best blanket in the entire world and I wish we had 10.  Although we do have a heated debate over which way the blanket should be used-fur in, or fur out. Fur in, obvi.  I want their faux fur everything now.  At Christmas they had these faux-fur teddy bears and I lose sleep over the regret of not buying it before they were sold out everywhere.

In other news:  Ben started calling Everett Bubba Fett randomly, and I kept thinking it was this cute french term of endearment or something and thought it was the sweetest thing.  Turns out, Boba Fett is actually some star wars character and not very french at all....


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