Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Seattle Grace: Episode 1

Ya, I know that title kind of sounds weird/graphic, but you get the point.  Some of you may know my deep deep love for the show Grey's Anatomy.  So even though I had never been to Seattle (except when I was little and can't remember) it is my favorite place in America. When people ask me where I want to live when we grow up it is always either back to Canada or Seattle.  I have loved it since the first episode skyline shot and the first time Derek told Meredith he 'had a thing for ferryboats'.  And even though the actual Seattle Grace Hospital is a set in Hollywood, I still fully expected to casually run into Callie and Arizona at the market. Scratch that, they are surgeons and would never have time to do touristy markets, but maybe I would see them on their way to Joe's or something.  You get the point.  Seattle trip=fantasy.  

My mother in law moved to Seattle (well an island nearby) less than a year ago and we finally got to go visit her!  It was such a wonderful weekend.  Despite the fact Everett decided to boycott sleep and we had to suffer through that Bachelor finale, it was so so great to get away, explore a beautiful place and spend some quality time with 'nana'.  The first night we got there, we accompanied my MIL and Teddy the goldendoodle to a beautiful dog park.  We all really enjoyed it, but mostly Teddy.

The next day we went to explore Seattle.  We had to take a 45 minute ferry ride to get there and this being my first ferry ride I was so so excited.  I pictured myself very Addison Montgomery out on the sundeck looking at the skyline while Merideth's voice narrated sometime meaningful in my head.  Albeit, it was a little less glamorous than I thought, and I did get a little seasick (I know-pathetic) but it is still a top shop form of transportation in my books-the fact that we could be travelling while Everett did not have to be in his carseat (screaming) was a definite plus.  It was very rainy this day-and continued to be all weekend, but I didn't mind, it seemed like part of the charm.

We of course went to the iconic Pikes Place market, first stop-disgusting but pretty cool giant wall of chewed gum.  I wondered how this wall ended up this way and when the Seattle clean up team just said 'screw it, tourists can just come and take pictures in front of it'.  Everett wanted to grab the gum off the wall, so I had to distract with blowing bubbles with my own gum.  I guess I didn't realize how truly gross it was until I went to go stick my own piece and leave my mark. Plus, I'm a natural gum swallow-er.  The actual market was the most colorful and biggest farmers market I have ever been to, and it smelled like fish. a lot.  I loved the flower stands, they were by far my favorite.  It was very rainy so we couldn't stay too long, and a Chipotle down the street was a dry safe haven before we headed home.

Stay tuned for scenes from next episode.....


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