Thursday, March 20, 2014

Seattle Grace II

If you made it part two of our trip-hang in there, we're almost done.  

On our third day there, we went to go visit Everett, Washington-Ben's mission. I remember thinking when Ben told me he served in Everett, that that would be a cute little boys name, but I thought it would probably be a middle name.  Well fast forward 4 years, and we are bringing our Everett to Everett.

This was the first time Ben had been back so it was pretty cool.  We had to take a ferry, and then a quick drive and we were in the mission boundaries.  (The pictures below are at the waterfront where we boarded the ferry)  We drove by the Boeing headquarters and saw the 'Biggest Building in the World'...literally.  We then drove around and saw some of Ben's old apartments, the mission office, the mission home and even met the current mission president.  Everett was asleep in his car seat, for like the first time in his life so he missed most of his namesake, but there was no way in H we were waking that baby up.

^^^One of my new favorite pictures!

After touring around Everett we went and had dinner at the Cheesecake factory (which is my favorite and it was amazing) and then rushed to catch the ferry from Seattle to Bremerton.  We made it in the nick of time and it was perfect because the view of Seattle from the ferry was unreal. Many freezing pictures ensued.

On our last real day, we drove to Scenic Beach, beach is a term used loosely in this situation, but it was really beautiful and very twilight-esque.  We played fetch with the dog and walked along the beach.  The fuzzy mossy trees were magically creepy and I liked how you could be walking in what seemed like a forest and then BAM -Ocean!  Also, Everett was looking especially adorable in his Canada olympic gear (Thanks Grandma Mac).

I am so glad we made this trip, if not only to spend time with Ben's mom, it was so fun to hang out, catch up and of course watch her spoil and love on Everett.  He finally warmed up the last couple days and it made me wish we could have stayed longer.  Again, this trip brought back my thoughts of wishing we lived closer to family...hopefully one day.  I also am supremely happy I finally got to visit the Land of Mcdreamy, and fulfill my Grey's fantasies, and depite the rain, I totally think I could still live there.  Christina and Mer are my people after all!

^^^These are my people too!


Sydney said...

What an amazing trip! Obvzees I love Seattle and the Pacific Northwest since that's my motherland but there really is something special about it. It's a magical place! I'm glad you think so to after finally getting to visit. And that Everett is such a dapper little guy! Seriously good job on the baby making - he's adorable!

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