Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I had to put this post into bullet points because it is way too random and disjointed for these thoughts to be their own paragraphs.

  • So we are moving to California for the summer!! Whhhhaaattt?? Although I sometimes tell people it is for an internship for Ben, no no, we are going to sell pest control.  Although, as seen here in this post, and this post we didn't have the greatest experience last time we did summer sales,  but we thought about this a lot and feel like it is a good move for us.  This time we will have a car, a friendly baby, my cousin and his wife (friends), a real apartment and sorry to people of the Midwest but CALIFORNIA >>>>>>>>>Missouri. So, although change like this gives me stomach knots and anxiety, I feel good about it.  We are living in the Oxnard/Ventura area, so if any of you know great stuff to do there let me know.  I fully plan on driving to Santa Monica and living out my Private Practice-lunch-on-the-pier-with-the-ferris-wheel fantasy already, so if that was going to be your suggestion-I'm on it.

  • Also I imagine myself relaxing and reading on the sandy beaches of California-but then I remember I have a 13 month old child and forget about it-but none-the-less the last two books I read were Allegiant (third book in Divergent series) and most recently The Fault in our Stars (which I loved) but both were prettttttty depressing-so I need some happy great book recommendations stat. Also-isn't it weird that the girl and her brother from Divergent movie will be the exact same actors playing the girl and the love of her life in The Fault in our stars movie? 

  • Do you guys watch The Mindy Project?  I love it so much-it is my number one good mood show-seriously Tuesdays are so good because of it-I love Danny Castelano.  WATCH IT.

  • My mom sent down a mother load bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs from the motherland of Canada.  To all of my American friends who are obsessed with mini eggs: on one hand I never want you to try canadian mini-eggs because then you could never go back to enjoying mediocre american mini-eggs.  On the other hand though, I want you to be able to taste the delicious Canadian mini eggs, so you could experience the chocolate-shell perfection perfected by the Canadian Gods that are Canadian mini-eggs.  Everett points to the mother load bag on the counter very first thing when he wakes up in the morning-the truth.

  • Everett has been extra adorable and grown up the last few days-he walks around the apt. babbling to himself carrying around things like highlighters and a huge bottle of canola oil. Babies are so weird, I love it.

  • Spring Cleaning is in full force in this house the last few days. We have been doing weird things we never do like clean baseboards and light switches and it is very exhausting but satisfying.  We also went through our closets and I threw away a lot of clothes-I am kind of a clothes hoarder and had stuff from high school still-it was rough-but I am trying to make my wardrobe a thing of quality and not quantity so it had to be done.
Well that concludes this jabberwocky post. California here we come!


Lex said...

Haha. I live in Missouri and I'd pick California over here any day! (Truth: the arch is actually super cool, but the humidity sucks.)

Bry Peterson said...

CALIFORN-IA? I am more than jealous about this. That would be a dream! Hope you have the best time and I can't wait to read all about it. :)

Julie and Jesse said...

California is the best! I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who held on to clothes from high school. I'm 25 now. It's time to move on.

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