Friday, April 11, 2014

Here comes the sun do-do-do-do

Utah decided to stop being such a tease and I am 98 percent sure spring is here to stay.  
I love spring even more than summer because it's hot but not like back-sweaty hot and 
I am so much more appreciative of what it has to offer because it follows winter.

Our windows are open, jeans cut into shorts, walks to In'N'Out for lunch, 
parks-a-many, a pile of sand in the bathtub at night and 
our daily walk to the mailbox takes about an hour because Everett needs to stop and 
examine every piece of grass, rock and dried up crab apple.

Being able to go outside has made our daily life a lot easier, even despite that the other day
 I found a snail shell in his mouth in horror.
Still-I'll take it ALL DAY!

Ps-Those pretty popcorn popping trees are so pretty but smell like dirty washcloths.


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