Sunday, May 11, 2014

19/52 +Rocks and Sticks+HMD!

There are very few things I love more than that miniature profile

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Well we have been home in Lethbridge for a week now and it has been pretty wonderful (we are just missing our significant other).  Everett has loved being around his grandma and grandpa and my siblings and exploring new places. Before I even can get to him waking up in the morning, he is already pointing to the door to go see everyone!  Then, from the moment he gets out to the living room he is pointing to go outside.  My parents live on a little acreage and on the (two) nice days we have had since we have been home, it has been a pretty magical place for a one year old.  Trees and rocks and sticks and balls and new little kitty cats he is pretty fond about.  

Here are a few more shots I took of him playing outside.  
Sleepers with shoes in the morning

My little sis Hailey
Check out that flo

Also....on this Mothers Day I feel so happy (despite the 22 times Everett woke up last night).  After I was already sleeping, Ben texted me some Mothers Day love and he said 'I love how obsessed you are with our child' and it is true, I am completely obsessed with Everett-I never knew I could love like this. Best gig there is!

Of course the happiest of MD's to my mom and mother-in-laws.  My mom is my best friend, the reason I always used to run out of minutes on my phone and shows me daily the mom I hope to be.  A shout out to both my mother in laws, you are the reason my little family exists and are such great examples to me daily. Everett just has the best grandmas.

To all the moms and future moms-Happy Mother's Day, we're doing good!

Ps-one of my favorite posts-My first mothers day post and just one more on how I am totally 'becoming my mother'.


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