Friday, May 16, 2014

Days Like These...

My guy and I on Mother's Day

Everett and I are leaving Alberta and heading to sunny California tomorrow. Although I am really anxious to see Ben and excited about a new place, I will be really sad to leave my home.  I don't know if it is normal to love being home as much as I do, but I really love it.  I like to be constantly surrounded by my family and I realized that I can have some pretty lonely days in Provo and as much as I sometimes hate on Lethbridge, I really do like it here. a lot.

A day in Canada: we wake up to a hustle and bustle (which I love, and so different from my house in Provo where Ben works night shifts so mornings are really quiet)  My parents are getting Hailey ready to go off to school, my dad and matt are trying to get off to work and no one can leave the house without breakfast, it is a very important meal in this house.  Toast is the staple breakfast of choice-raisin toast with extra butter these days. A few days, my parents will watch E and I go back to bed for an hour or two for a nap and oh my goodness, those naps are the best naps of all the naps!

Then things quiet down, everyone leaves, Everett goes for a nap and my mom checks the weather.  My dad has already probably checked it that morning and the night before.  When I am in Utah I never check the weather but here in Lethbridge people are obsessed with it (and in Celsius I might add).  The first few days I got here it snowed and was ugly, and then again a week later.  Although the last three days have been really really nice and the thing about Lethbridge is, people appreciate a nice day so much more.  Literally every person you come across will say 'what a beautiful day eh?' (the eh is not an exaggeration) and they are not just saying it to make conversation, they are just really appreciative.  My mom spends all the time she can outside on a day like this, sweeping and raking and flowering.  Everett is right beside her 'helping' sweeping and shovelling and playing with the wild(ish) kitty cats who live in our garage and hunt the mice on the acreage.

Then we debate whether we should go try out that new poutine place for lunch, but probably end up just going to Costco for their fries and gravy.  At Costco you run into 18 people you know-it is the Southern Alberta meeting hub apparently and always always get fries and gravy.  I wonder why this is not a food combination America has not adopted yet-it is so so delicious and satisfying and just makes perfect sense if you ask me. "Do you want a side of gravy?" is the first thing a server will ask you here if you have anything with fries and that is how it should be.

Then we maybe run into The Great Canadian Superstore really quick so I can stock up on some Canadian candy and check out their baby clothes, because for some odd reason, the superstore has killer baby clothes.

On the way home we stop at Mac's where I get a Coke slurpee.  America does a lot of things really well.  Canada does a few things really well-One is chocolate, another is hockey, our banking is pretty advanced and another is slurpees. I am not even being bias here but Canadian slurpees are so far superior to the foam America calls slurpees that you cannot come here without trying one.  I absolutely insist that you do.

When we get home, the hustle and bustle is starting again-Hailey is home from school, my mom is wondering what to make for supper and the guys will be home from work soon.  Everett makes a complete disaster of the house leaving messes wherever he goes and we find something new to play with or go outside again for the 20th time that day because that boy loves being outside.

We eat supper together and it always delicious and I come to the conclusion after eating at home for a week or so that I really am not a very good cook like my mom and we eat out way too much.  Everett goes into the bath, comes out after he is done to run around buck naked and show off a bit before I wrangle him into a diaper and pajamas and get him off to bed.

Then we watch Survivor (just like we did when I was in 8th grade I'm pretty sure) or Shark Tank or Greys and stay up way too late, because the next morning we all vow to go to bed early that night because morning comes way too quick.  And if it was a night like last night, my mom and I save a poor helpless bunny who is stuck on the deck from being murdered by a disgusting spawn of satan cat that looks more like a racoon-badger #farmlife

This might sound cheesy and actually just a very normal day, but they are my favorite and we'll miss it. Oh Canada.


jennica said...

You made me miss home so much! I love canada! I'm glad you had such a nice trip. I miss you here but have fun in sunny California!!!

Danny Snyder said...

loved this! also I totally agree on the Canadian superstore kids clothes!

Danny Snyder said...

that was from Brynn:)

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