Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Everett: A Nursery

Well we headed out of Provo for the summer last week. E and I are in Canada, Ben is in California where we will join him in a couple weeks. I am already missing our little place we call home and even though we will be coming back to our same place at the end of the summer, I thought I better finally document Everett's little nursery on the blog.  I love his room, and it has been perfect, but I already feel like he is outgrowing it, and he needs a more big-boy less baby room.  I have got big plans for a change when we get back so this is how it is right now.

 I love this room because I dreamed and planned and prepped while I was pregnant.  We read books over and over again in this room.  We have spent countless hours nursing in that rocking chair, we sleep trained in here, we play peek-a-boo in his crib, he spent his first night away from sleeping next to us in here, we take out all the clothes out of every drawer in here, we changed every diaper and got ready for bed on that changing pad singing a made up lullaby inspired by the alphabet poster I made on the wall.  It is so weird how a little space in a random apartment in Provo has become so significant to me.
Shelving unit: Home Depot, E letter made by me, wooden airplane: The Wooden Giraffe, teddy bear: mine from when I was little.
Paper airplane wall decal: made by my mom, glider: target, dresser: ikea, Canadian Moose stuffie: Ikea

Elephant Print: Cinnamon Ink Etsy, mobile: Wee Gallery, Alphabet cards: free printables from here

Posters made by me (middle one inspired by this), family tree chart: Ichartyou

Crib: Walmart, elephant blanket: made by my Grandma MacLennan, blue blanket: gift from my mom when Everett was first brought home from the hospital

Striped throw: West Elm, Quilt: made by my cousins, backpack: Skip hop, Personalized bunnyhood bath towel: gift from uncle Micheal and aunt Eujean

Bunting above window: custom order by HEM design on Etsy.

I kind of love stuffed animals (not in a weird adult sleeping with them kind of way, just to kind of collect well made adorable ones) and have been accused of buying them more for me than for Everett since he hasn't made a particular bond with any of them.  Both teddy bears are mine from when I was a baby, my favorites are jellycat stuffed animals (the lion and the elephant).

So that is his little baby nursery, of course I never completely finished it, I had big plans to make my own curtains and put some more prints on the wall and find the perfect rug but oh well-next time!


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