Saturday, May 31, 2014

Some Saturday Things

This post is.....


  • I can't stop taking pictures of Ben and Everett's hands together (Everett is even tanned a little) I swear my husband is Caucasian!  I truly envy his skin tone.
  •  We discovered a splash pad, well we discovered the beauty of splash pads in general.  It took a couple days for Everett to get brave but now he is the king of this pad. We get some fro-yo, walk 20 steps to the splashpad and commence in the take a bite, run out in water, come back, take a bite, run out in water sequence.  Ps. Keylime fro-yo with cheesecake bites is the best maybe ever.  Splashpads are the best thing to ever happen to a baby's summer.Look at that face!! Can we get a zoom in on that...

Pure JOY

  • Everett still loves the beach and it is the best thing ever-cheap, free, gorgeous entertainment.  We tackled the beach by ourselves this week, just me and Everett and I learned my lesson and paid the 2 bucks for parking instead of walking a mile with two beach bags and a baby. We parked a spot right by the pier, played in the sand, ate fruit snacks and dipped our feet in the ocean.^^^I can't stop putting this weird filter on beach pics.
Who is sick of 'us on the beach' pictures?

  • Do you guys know the magic of ebay? Let me tell you-I got these (very slightly used) saltwater sandals for Everett for only $9.99 (regulary $38) and they are in amazing condition and fit perfectly. #WINNING
  • ^^^I just need a matching pair now #motherboy
  • This was me when I finished watching all 3 seasons and the new movie of Veronica Mars:

I am so sad to be all caught up and done! I am really going to miss those guys in my daily life. Although the movie was EPIC (for those VM fans out there you know I chose the word EPIC carefully) LE&VM4EVA!
  • Everett's hair right now is such a delicious perfect little mop, it is getting so blonde, little nap curls in the back, verging on a mullet and smells like sunscreen.  I LOVE it.  The world seems to be divided on little boys with long hair, they either love it or they hate it. I am a LOVER and there will be no haircut for years I presume.
  • After days of googling and deliberating and hours in the ULTA store, Keelia (my cousins wife/summer sales BFF/favorite person/ring and nail soul sister) and I have found the perfect summer nail polish. It is fresh, dainty but bold and makes you look tan!  On one hand, pun intended, I want to keep this discovery all to ourselves.  On the other hand I feel like it needs to be shared.  Ok fine-the perfect summer nail polish is Essie Fiji. Go henceforth and buy!
  • I also found the best, most perfect summer playlist.  Everett and I danced so hard to it this moring he threw up, truth.  It is here on Spotify here

And that is all.


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