Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ben is Twenty Seven

It's Ben's 27th Birthday today!

He had to work all day so I sent him off with a batch of cupcakes to share with his friends.
We half celebrated on his day off last week and he chose to go to the zoo because he is a good dad and knew Everett would love it.
The other half of the celebration will be tonight and will involve cheesecake, candles, a babysitter and a show!
Ben isn't very big on birthdays and it always seems to be either bad timing, or being apart from each other or not enough money every June 24th and I always am feeling like we didn't do enough to celebrate how great he is.

Because he really is the greatest.
He is such a good dad, it is my favorite thing to watch those two together.
He is a kind, sweet and hilarious husband who constantly puts Everett and I first.
Everybody likes him.
He is dark and handsome and so funny once you get his sense of humor.
He is quirky and folds laundry ever so perfectly, doesn't like ketchup with his fries and played video games professionally.

So happy birthday Ben, you are without a doubt, the best there is.


Jordan Osborne said...

Haha so funny once you get his sense of humor. We love Ben! Happy birthday! Miss you guys.

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