Monday, June 9, 2014

Everett: 15 Months

I thought after the one year mark, I would just do these updates every three months, lesbe honest-mostly for me.

Well if I thought Everett was busy at 10 or 11 months, that was nothing on how busy he is now.  I spend my days chasing him around, making sure he doesn't seriously injure himself and trying to keep up. Even though, I am completely exhausted at the end of the day, I love how busy, curious and active he is. He is learning and soaking up so much and I love watching him quite literally learn something new every day.  He is also learning about his emotions and how to control them-ie-the tantrum meltdown, so that has been ' fun'!  I love seeing his personality develop, he is mostly really happy as long as he isn't bored and we are out-and-about. Everyone always comments on his great smile and all his blonde hair. He loves to be around people, laughs easily and also can be really sensitive and nervous around new people or situations. And no, he is still not sleeping through the night.

The ocean and the sand (a recent discovery from moving to California)
The splash pad (every. single. day.)
He loves all dogs and he loved the kittens at my parents house and would even say 'kitty cat'
His nightly baths
Breastfeeding (ya ya, we're still doing that)
Sitting on ledges ???
Napping (he has been napping so so well the last 3 weeks-knock on wood!)
'helping' sweep or do laundry
Watching people cook or do dishes-like obsessed.-babies are so weird
His favorite foods are frozen yogurt, chocolate chips, watermelon, yogurt with strawberries and banana with peanut butter.
Getting chased, tickled, or playing peek-a-boo behind walls, ledges, anything really.
Barney episodes (the only way we can drive anywhere without him crying the entire time is to put some Barney on the ipad)
Eating toilet paper and throwing things in the toilet
His sippy cups
Putting lotion on (himself)
US. Still very attached to his mom and dad
His stuffed lion he calls kitty cat.

Any form of constraint-carseat, stroller, carts, highchair, carriers.  He ALWAYS wants to walk on his own now so that's.........awesome
Getting his diaper changed
Sleeping. He is still waking up multiple times a night. kill me.
Getting dressed
When either Ben or I walk out of the room, so dramatic.
When he can't open or lift something
Eating (he doesn't necessarily dislike eating, but doesn't eat very much)
Driving-still hates it.

Best Friends
 Bester friends
He loves dolly the puppy.


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