Friday, June 20, 2014

Sister Sister in Santa Barbara

My little sister Carly came down from Palo Alto last weekend, making it one of the best! I have been getting a little homesick, both for family and our little 'home' in Provo, so this visit was just what we needed.  My cousin also drove up from Orange County so it was basically a family reunion! We shopped our little hearts out (well kind of) I'm just going to say it-shopping with a toddler is maybe the worst thing ever. I said it and I meant it. Love my child, but he is not a great shopping companion to say the least. We went to the Ventura beach, and although not the hottest day, and major seaweed, Everett was fully entertained and the Lifeguard hit on Carly and so basically a win overall.
We took a day trip on the guys day off to beautiful Santa Barbara.  We went on a quest to find this epic rope swing a-top a hill overlooking the whole city, but the rope had been cut by some obviously horrible people, but the view and kodak moments redeemed the expedition. Ps-Everett will probably never use or know what the phrase Kodak moment is eh?

^^Cousin, Cassie, Sister, Cousin-in-law
^^^ A fav pic as previously seen here.
^^^My boys and above mentioned sad little once-was rope swing

Next we checked out the SB pier/wharf which had only $2 dollar parking (fist pump) and gorgeous gorgeous views.  We walked down State Street (a cute street of stores, restaurants, street performers etc.) and ended up grabbing some dinner at CPK so we could watch the Heat lose horribly, making it a near perfect day! 

^^^You guys, I die!

 I am so so happy Carly came and visited, I propositioned her many times to just stay the rest of the summer with us! 
Sisters are the best!


jennica said...

Omg!! The picture if Ben and Everett!!

Sheila MacLennan said...

Love the pictures, love the people, miss the people.

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