Thursday, June 26, 2014


We went to the Santa Barbara Zoo last weekend for Ben's birthday and I sang 'mommas takin' us to the zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow...and we can stay all day' the whole way know the one?  It was full of penguins and elephants and monkeys and we loved it! The Santa Barbara Zoo is doing something right and has called by many 'the best zoo in California' despite competing with the big dogs like the famous San Diego Zoo. I think they say this because it is overlooking the ocean, so so stunning, not too big not too small and has all the animals you want to see at a zoo. We were only there for three hours and we were able to see everything, go on a train ride around the zoo, have some picnic snacks and take in a dino show. It was the perfect amount of time for Everett and not even one meltdown.  

Everett would have been happy looking at pigeons but he seemed to particularly pay attention to the giraffes and the penguins.  I loved the flamingos and the elephants and just now when I asked Ben his favorite he said the bunny rabbits.  ha......ha.....

Going to the zoo, like most things is exponentially better when you have a kid.  It was so fun to see him run around and take it all in and it was genuinely exciting to show him the penguins eating fish and the snow leopard that had the same name as him.

Zooday success.  
^^^Penguin Selfie Ussie// Elephant Ussie
^^^A T-Rex at the zoo, who knew
^^^Isn't it gorgeous

^^^Everett meet Everett.


jennica said...

You look so great and so tan!! And Everett's hair is to die for!!!!!! So jealous that zoo looks amazing!!

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