Monday, August 4, 2014

Echo Lake 2014

Well another MacLennan Reunion at Echo Lake has come and gone.  I know only my family and my need to document everything are really interested in this post, but it comes in handy when there is a very serious debate on whether we had/played the football game last year or not and you can look back on posts like these. We did not..........I owe you 50 bucks Matt.

This year was a special one because it may be the last year with the 'Pink Palace' (the cabin pictured) before my aunt and uncle build a new cabin in its place.  So to honor it, we jumped off the roof as many times as we possibly could with whatever objects we could think of (see broom and tricycle pictures).  Everett loved the boat this year, he was in pure heaven swimming in the lake daily and even went on a 'crazy' tube ride behind the boat.  We played kick ball instead of football this year and I enjoyed it way more even though our family is a little too competitive for a friendly game of kickball! And the usual-amazing food, game nights, swimming at Turtle Bay, Tube Wars and daily early morning skis (well for the C&C clan). I missed Ben this year and felt sad every time I was on the boat while the rowdy kids tubed, because my husband LOVES tube wars. And I missed Kylie who is busy being all Greys Anatomy at PA school-Next year, we are getting our priorities straight!

Roll the pictures...

^^^Family Kickball night, a new tradition if I have anything to say about it!
^^^Roof Jumping Shennanigans
^^^Cute kids// a whole smattering of cute kid

 The 'Easy Ride'-Me, Everett and Grandma//Hailey on the tube with my dad

 ^^^Turtle Bay Swimming
^^^^He's single girls//A Man and his posterity behind a boat

^^^Love Birds! The couple behind the MacLennan Reunion!

Echo Lake 2012
Echo Lake 2013


Kristy said...

The wetsuit picture is awesome! And I need pics of the kickball game - who has them?

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