Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Everett:18 Months

K, 18 months is fuuuuuuuuuuuun. He is getting so funny and he is such a little show-off. He makes everything a game and makes us laugh daily and so many times Ben and I look at each other and say 'did you teach him that?' and usually he just learns himself and remembers the most random things.  18 months is also hard because he wants to be so independent and do things on his own and he is so active but if I let him out of my sight for a second, he is climbing something dangerous or eating dead moths off the floor or something!  He also can't quite communicate as well as we all would like and so things can get emotional for him quite often when he can't quite understand why on earth we have to take away the toilet brush that he was having such fun with! 
He understands a ton, it seems like he understands mostly everything we say to him but he himself is only saying about 5-10 words. Ben and I were just saying how nice it is to say 'Everett go get a diaper and your wipes' or 'can you go put this in the garbage for me' and he does it happily while we sit on out butts!
This month we are also weaning (going better than I expected), nursery at church (going just as I expected) and transitioning to one nap a day (going worse than I expected) and no, still sleeping worse than ever but we have big plans now that we are back home. I am hoping at the next update at 21 months I can report a toddler FINALLY sleeping through the night. God Speed.

His toys. I feel like he is finally starting to appreciate them and play with them.
Toy aisles at the store.  I took him to Toys R Us for the first time a few days ago and he was happy screaming, hyperventilating and almost in tears he was so happy as he ran down each new aisle.
Anything with a steering wheel. Loves those ride on cars more than life itself.
Putting on hats, belts, glasses shoes and then yells 'mom, mom, mom, mom, mom' until I look.
Movies (for about 15 minutes max) and music videos.
All fruit. Other favorite foods are yogurt, pb&j's, chicken noodle soup, fruit snacks and broccoli
Saying 'ya' or 'yap' to everything. He blabbers all day but can only say a handful of words: ya, uh-oh, mom, shoes, ball (mall), yum-yum, cheese and pop.  He also knows about 10-15 signs.
Giving kisses and will every time we ask now and he blows the best kisses when saying goodbye. Also at night when we are saying goodnight, he will give Ben a kiss, then me a kiss and then he grabs Ben's head and pushes it towards mine and makes us kiss a couple times.
DANCING. He loves loves to dance and asks for music multiple times a day, even if he hears someone whistling far away he will start to dance. Also, dances to church hymns during church.
His stuffed lion called Kitty Cat
Holding hands, he prefers one of us on each side. If it just me and him walking somewhere he will try to grab strangers hands walking near us with his free hand.
Being out and about and around lots of people but is still quite shy if people try to hold or talk to him and still very clingy to Ben and I.
SWIMMING. He got to be such a good, brave swimmer this summer!

^^^I feel like these pictures show how glorious that mop of hair is.

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I just love him so much. And it makes me want to cry that I don't know this kid in real life!!!

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