Monday, August 4, 2014

I love the mountains....Boom dee ah dah

Look familiar?  Last year here

On one of our last days in Canada, we headed to Waterton, remember that place I used to have a cabin and where my fondest childhood memories take place? Yes there. And it was kind of heart wrenching to be there and not have a cabin, but still beautiful, nature-full and good for the soul!

We had a picnic on the 'beach', Everett and Hailey threw rocks and a quick stint to the splashpad. Then we headed to Red Rock, where you hike up this {red} water filled canyon.  Although we didn't do much hiking and more of the splashing variety. Everett braved the cold water like it was nothing while my feet were aching from pre-frostbite I am sure.  The view from these red rocks is sure something else.

We couldn't leave before grabbing some ice cream at the Big Scoop. I indulged in a Canadian favorite called Tiger-it's an orange ice cream with black licorice swirls, which is a surprisingly divine combination {Everett wholeheartedly agreed}

Then we headed back home with Barney episodes on repeat, but not before Waterton graced us with a bear sighting on the way out. Thanks old pal, feels like the good ole days!


Lauren Cooper said...

This is the first summer ever where I haven't been to Waterton... My heart is aching for it!!!!

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