Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer #fromthecuttingroomfloor

Well Ben started school today so I guess that means summer is over? Although we still plan on hitting up the Utah splash pads and going to get shaved ice at our favorite place every night until it closes. I would one day like to say I have tried all 50 flavors they have, that's just a healthy long-term goal of mine.  
I am so happy we had the opportunity to live in California for the summer, it was overall a fun time and although traffic there is the most infuriating thing I can think of, I LOVED the weather, the beach and I even came home liking the California famous avocado because they put that stuff on everything.

It feels good to be home though. 
All Everett's toys we left here are like new to him, our bed is like a dream every night, we have a TV again and people in Provo are just so nice.

Now comes the photo dump portion of the post where I post all the pictures that haven't made it to the blog or instagram yet: 'Hang in there Joan!'

^^^A trip to Solvang CA, the cutest little danish town where we bought wooden shoes Christmas ornaments and ate danish pastries.
^^^Box toy/ our fav fountain by our CA apt.
^^^(above) 'Hollywood isn't even that cool mom!' (below) Magnolia Bakery Review: cupcakes=subpar, banana pudding=amazeballs. Also posing with my girls Mary-Kate and Ashley on the blvd.
^^^We are a family whether the Angels win the Pennant or not!
^^^Always, always on the move
^^^He thought this was so hilarious, he was right//Daddy's home from worrrrrrkkkk!!!!!
^^^Us-ies, this is the face Everett makes when I say 'say cheese'
^^^Picking raspberries at Great Grandma Mac's house, he ate them faster than I could pick them. sweetest face.
^^^"BEST. PARADE. EVER. SUCKERS FOR EVERYONE!! /// Conquering the escalator
^^^My JAM!!! // Kids in the summer have it good, Popsicle pool break (cousins)
^^^Just doing some partying before bedtime at my parents
Everett vs. corn /// Everett vs. the stairs


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