Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Taking Stock

 ^^^Pictures from our day in LA last weekend, this is at the LACMA
 I have seen this post going around, I'm a copycat

Making : plans for our return to Utah {9 days}
Cooking : everything on the BBQ
Drinking : water, trying to give up my soda addiction
Reading: Blogs and If I Stay, what would I do without upcoming movies to make me read the book first
Wanting: to remember how Everett answers 'ya or yap' to absolutely every question
Looking: for a balance between eating healthy and enjoying delicious food.
Playing: peek-a-boo, tickles, bubbles, and dance party.
Wasting: away our afternoons at the pool in the best way.
Sewing: nothing
Wishing: for a date night with Ben.
Enjoying: our last few weeks in California.
Waiting: for my bangs to grow out....again
Liking: my freckles and light tan
Wondering: Who the heck 'A' is. I'm catching up on PLL and this show bugs me so bad but I can't stop. Also, it's a little scary, I can't watch it at night.
Loving: naptime.
Hoping: I'm doing ok at raising a good kid.
Marvelling: at how much Everett really understands.
Needing: sleep. and to sleep train. and possibly a baby free vacation.
Smelling: Johnson's baby lotion. I think I will still be using it on Everett when he's 12.
Wearing: more lipstick. 
Following: my one year old everywhere, 
Noticing: I'm really not very good at keeping in touch with friends. I need to get better.
Knowing: that I need to be more positive and grateful.
Thinking: about how much I love it when Ben is home.
Feeling: hopeful and confident.
Bookmarking: house decor. I need a house first.
Opening: bills, bills, bills
Learning: the art of the bribe.
Giggling: is the worst word.  


Jordan Osborne said...

Couples vacay? I'm in with or without Everett

Ie Ling said...

Blake and I have wedding pictures there! Sorry we missed you when we were in California! Maybe we can catch up next time we're in Utah!

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