Tuesday, September 23, 2014

'Move over Zorro'......'Zorro? I'm too young to understand that reference'

This post is about nothing in particular, just some random things I have to say and also an excuse to post my camping pictures

++Guys, it is my favorite time of  year and not because of all the blogger cliches like scarves and boots and pumpkin fairy dust, it is because SEPTEMBER is TV PREMIERE MONTH!!! The gang is all coming back! Mindy Project started again last week and I'll say it again, I want to be best friends with both fictional and real life Mindy, serious LOLZ. Vampire Diaries is getting so crazy and I am losing hope in a Stelena happy ending, but weirdly ok with him and Caroline's flirtations. Also Greys, I love you, you are my favorite show of all time but it's probably time to wrap it up. It also pains me deeply that this will be the last season of Parenthood and I am so not on board with Huck and Quinn on Scandal, so not on board!

++We went camping this weekend with some dear friends in the most beautiful luscious canyon. It was Everett's first time and how is it so fun to do first-time stuff with kids?! He was such a little joy cracker the whole time.  And despite waking up to pouring rain, that my hair still smells like campfire and the loads of laundry I now have it was ppppeeeerrrrffff.......Now we are home, showered, had a glorious nap, Ben is watching football and Everett is stacking a tower of 300 blank cd's.

++Do you know that Ben is an apple ha-ha-ha-hater and I am an iphone lover, it is basically like the Capulets and the Montagues over here. This new iphone 6 hype has obviously caused some turmoil in our home but we are working through these issues and trying to not bring up sensitive issues like the 'only an 8 mp camera?! scoff' and 'I don't care who had it first, apple made it AWESOMER?!'

++We played the always entertaining 'The Newlywed Game' with our couple friends while camping.  One question to the men was 'What would your wife say she wants more of: Hugs, Kisses or lovin ;)? I said 'hugs' and Ben had written down 'kisses'.  Upon hearing I said hugs Ben says 'Hugs? you want more hugs? Who wants hugs? We don't like hugs! Do we? We hug enough! Hugs? You just want to go up to each other and just hug?' Surprisingly we actually won the game last night cinching it with ' Does he prefer ice cream sandwich, cone or sundae?' Sandwich ALL DAY!

++I forsook all my motherly duties and read all six Vampire Academy books in like 3 days (don't judge a book by its movie) and I actually really loved them. They are edgier than Twilight and more organized than Vampire Diaries.  I currently have a mega crush on a fictional character named Adrian Ivashkov. Anyone else read this series?

++Do you ever get in those moods where you want to just buy everything.  I have like a list of 100 things on my wishlist on my phone right now and I know its all very materialistic but sometimes this mood just strikes me. On the list are these perfect bracelets (Ben it's our anniversary in 2 weeks!!) and a leather jacket and this duvet cover and all the grey sweaters and jogger pants!!!

^^^Jordan and Britt introduced us to this awesome outdoor Sweish game called Kubb
^^^"What does the Bear say?'

^^^Ever and Gray // Trying to put the moves on Luie


jennica said...

I love your posts! love reading lately. I will have to read these books after my Harry Potter craze. such s good point about how disorganized vamp diaries is. I'm a little tired of the all the twists and turns.. and surprisingly I don't like caroline and Stephan even though I like Damon and Alena what? and I love love the camping pics. ah I wish we were there. next summer!

Jordan Osborne said...

Love this post! Such a fun weekend! Thanks for taking such great pics.

Bry Peterson said...

Okay you make me want to get into all these awesome shows! The only one I can comment on is Greys though and it has definitely fizzled for me. Lame. Super cute pics though! Looks dreamy and so fun! Last pic kills me hahaha

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