Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Daily Reads

Almost as much as I love writing my own blog, I love reading blogs as well. My nap time ritual is a jar of peanut butter and a spoon and catching up on blogs. I probably follow over 100 blogs but I find myself skipping over lots of posts lately and just sticking to my favorites. Blogs are funny, because I honestly feel like I know some of these women but I have never even met them. I like taking peeks into others lives who are going through similar things as me or people who inspire me. 

Here are a few of my favs!

The Daybook: When I first found Sydney's blog, I was instantly hooked and read every single one of her posts, like 5 years worth of posts! Besides her awesome fashion posts, she is a really great writer and you can tell how much she loves her family (she has a son named Everett too) Probably my most favorite blog.

A Cup of Jo: This is a fun, daily blog and Joanna seems so down to earth and like she would be so easy to talk to.  My favorite is her 'motherhood around the world series' but she also keeps me updated on the best upcoming movies, fashion trends and things like sleep training.

Elizabeth Ivie: I found this blog through her super popular baby blanket shop, but her personal blog is so real and so easy to read.  She took a really long blog break but she is finally back and I am loving it!

Eat sleep cuddle: Whitney's blog is another super favorite. I think she is gorgeous and I LOVE her style in all things. She recently had a baby boy and she seriously is inspiring as a mother, she makes motherhood seem so special and noble.

Tell Love and Chocolate: I don't follow a ton of DIY blogs but I really like this one, simple DIY's but also stuff about her cute family and things she finds online she loves. I am currently attempting this DIY for our bedroom.

He & I: This blog has everything and all her posts have like a hundred pinnable images.  She talks about recipes, hair, fitness, photography, blogging tips, toddler activities and more! She is also an amazing grpahic designer and sells the cutest prints.

The Homebook: If I could describe this blog in one word it would be DREAMY. I love love this blog, she is so creative, has an adorable boy just a little older than Everett and her house is so amazing and wistful.  She has a real eye and can make the simplest things look gorgeous and straight out of a magazine. She is a really great writer too and I find myself nodding along on all her posts. She gets it.

Megan K Graham: This girl is a model and a neuroscientist but doesn't take herself too seriously and I always laugh out loud at her posts! She also is a TV junkie like me which I totally appreciate.  I started following her when she was 'across the pond' in England and Scotland and watched her fall in love with a guy from Ireland, get married and move back to California.  She is seriously fun to read and she recently is pregnant, and you know I love those baby posts!

Love Taza: You have probably heard of this one because this blog is mega huge and popular. She seems to have this perfect life in NYC with her adorable kiddos and I can't help but watch and read. She seems like a good mom and they are always doing fun stuff.
Merrick's Art: Most fashion blogs these days are way above my style and budget, but this one by Merrick is AWESOME. She wears stuff I can actually afford, shows you how to make one item work multiple ways and is so relatable.

Say Yes: Another everything blog! Motherhood, DIY's, fashion, recipes etc. This blog has multiple contributors and lots of great ideas. I love her fashion finds under $40 posts and her weekend round up posts.

The Alison Show: This girl is a Provo celebrity these days and everyone wants to be her best friend.  She is crazy and always making epic dance videos and so so creative.  This woman like invented Pinterest I am sure because she seriously can throw an amazing party.  She is also honest about her struggles, thoughts and yet is so fun and inspiring!

Honorable mentions to Cupcakes and Cashmere, The Small Things and Hey Natalie Jean.


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