Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Well I told you I read all the 'Vampire Academy' series, and then I read the spin off series 'Bloodlines', which I also really sank my teeth into. A week later and I still think about it all the time, the sign of a good book (or a teenage wannabe young adult fiction fangirl). I also read 'Gone Girl' the other day because I have plans to see the movie this week and I just think the responsible thing to do is read the book before you see the movie, I just can't do it without reading the book first. Gone Girl: I have no idea how to feel about that book. I really don't even know if I liked it even though I couldn't put it down. It was just so crazy and you don't know whose side you are on throughout the whole thing, although I was picturing Ben Affleck as Nick the whole time so obviously his side. It was crazy, quite literally but I am really excited to see the movie.

To go back to Arizona! We were able to go last week with my family for a week and it was so relaxing and warm and great.  We basically do three things there and I am ok with that, actually it is ideal: Swim, shop, eat. And we do those three things well. We go to my favorite Tia Rosa's for tacos and my Canadian dwelling parents have to hit up Cafe Rio and In N Out and of course Lucilles. We also had to go to Last Chance (The Nordstrom Rack of Nordstrom Rack) and I scored huge this time! I'm talking $160 boots for $30 kind of deals, which is basically the ultimate shoppers high that I rode all week long. It was so fun to see my little sister Hailey who I haven't seen in too long and to beat my parents at Rook (well we would have before Everett woke up)

Ben!! It is our four year anniversary tomorrow! We didn't forget it per se, It's just that when Ben asked me what days he needed off work in October, we just both forgot our anni was in fact in October. We realized when it was too late and Ben was working that day (Forgetting our anniversary? what are we 40?!) Anyways! We celebrated Monday with a fantastic dinner at a new Provo Restaurant called Tamarack (seriously GO!) and then a luxurious sans-child trip to Target where we got some black out curtains and a new candle. It was very romantic. Also I should mention, you know the amazing Volcano Anthro Blogger Candles?! Well Target has a knock off and they smell identical, three people have smell-tested and confirmed this for me and so much cheaper! It is called Island Moonlight by Bella Llume. Well it turns out, Ben was able to get Thursday off and so double date week, we are going to go out again tomorrow, things are getting crazy. We are going to see Gone Girl and then maybe back to where it all began-a molten cake at Chilis (is for lovers)

Happy 4 years Ben! You are still the best decision I have made yet! I love the life we have made together so far and you are the only one I can imagine it with. Love your guts!

HALLOWEEN!? I don't even love Halloween THAT much, although I have been known to take my costumes very seriously in the past. Although this year, Everett is old enough to maybe go a block or two of trick or treating and I am very overly excited about that! Then Ben and I will eat all his Snickers and Reese (respectively) after he is asleep, which just seems like a parental rite of passage! We'll also do the whole pumpkin patch/carving/cookies/bread, the whole shebang for this fam! GO FALL!
^^^Last Year Halloween. This child!

Ever since I had such a bomb, good for the soul girls night out at the Colbie Calliet concert, I have been craving some good girl power-lovey-indie-poppie-all the feelings songs. You know the songs you listen to while sitting in a hot bubble bath with candles and stuff, so like twice a year playlist.  Here's the one I made for your humpday!


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