Thursday, October 16, 2014

Observations of a New Mom: Part 4

^^^There is nothing better than just because hugs from behind from your child, except maybe them running towards you for a hug when they see you.

++Reading to Everett is fun for him, but also a memorization test for myself. I could do Brown Bear Brown Bear, and Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaur with my eyes closed backwards and forwards.

++I close all doors at all times, and in all places very slowly and very quietly, regardless if Everett's sleeping or not out of habit. I found myself doing it at a friends house the other day, making sure the lock didn't click just right.

++The only time my house is ever clean is the five minutes before Everett wakes up from his nap

++Legitimate conversations between Ben and I:
                   "Why would they want to build a clubhouse in Brobee land if they are mad at Brobee in the first place?!"
                   "I would have really loved to be at that wedding" "what wedding?" "Flynn and Rapunzels."
                   "Flynn Ryder is genuinely so hot"
                   "If Barney is a dinosaur from their imagination like the song clearly states, then why do adults see and interact with him as well? Should those adults be around children?"

++Cutting grapes in half is the bane of my existence. Yes I've seen the youtube 'trick', also the worst.

++ I am willing to bet Frozen has surpassed Anchorman as the most quoted movie of all time.  My personal favorites "Yoo-hoo Family" and "All good things, all good things"  (I know some non moms are thinking hmmm it seems like she let's him watch a lot of TV, I don't, sometimes he just needs a little vitamin ipad in the car and while I go to the bathroom, relax.)

++The backseat of our car has become a place where fruit snacks and goldfish go to die.

++This (see below) was in my hair for a couple hours before I noticed, through the entire grocery store, the drive home, lunch and naptime:
++If you see a cart full of groceries  just left and abandoned in the middle of the store, you know there was a toddler there recently who threw a tantrum so epic, the best thing to do was just abandon ship and get the heck out of there.

++Toddlers are the weirdest most hilarious little humans and (for the most part) we are having a blast!

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Sydney said...

Hahaha. I'm seriously laughing so hard right now. Flynn Ryder..who knew right?! So sexy. We also quote Frozen like its our job at our house. BIG SUMMER BLOW OUT! I too, have had to abandon ship in the middle of the grocery store. Once with infant poop dripping down my leg and a toddler with pooping underwear! MOTHERHOOD ROCKS. Also, have you ever read the book Hiccupotamous? Its soooo cute. Everett might like that one.

Anonymous said...

yes!!! Brown bear brown bear oh my gosh what is it with toddlers and this book?!?! And I truly feel you on the car thing I was attempting to clean out the backseat before it required a hazmat suit and I was trying to figure out when she had chicken strips...also it seems like my most uttered phrase lately is "Abigail get your foot out of your sister's face!" life lol..I always find pacifiers in my bra!

jennica said...

I love frozen and frozen iTunes radio and maybe owen likes it too, prob more for me 😊 being a mom is the best. and I seriously love your mom posts. I miss you! I'm home tomorrow lets play!!!

Bry Peterson said...

Ohhh my gosh! Laughing so hard right now!! This post is too good and I am not excited for the tantrum, abandon ship days. You're rockin' it though girl!

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