Friday, October 24, 2014

Senti-MENTAL: Artifcact Uprising Review+SALE

I am kind of crazy about documenting things.  I used to have this 'crush box' filled to the brim with paraphernalia that signified something with all my loves in my life. A juice box a boy gave me in 7th grade, rocks from the park where we had our first kiss, movie tickets, notes etc. That was all until a crazy manipulative ex-boyfriend made me throw it all away. (Don't worry I picked everything out of the garbage after he left). Now I have a special BEN crush box and I would definitely grab it if the house was burning down, filled with EVERY movie ticket we have ever been to, the letter he wrote to me when he proposed (also petals from the flowers), the straw from the smoothie we went and got on one of our first dates etc. etc.-see I'm mental. ANYWAYS I tell you this to let you know I am a very sentimental person and have a need to keep everything

Que Photo Books!

I have made a lot of photo books in my day and kind of consider myself a connoisseur of all the different sites and models you can make. My top two are Artifact Uprising and Picaboo.  (I have also tried Blurb, Shutterfly, and blog2book but they paled in comparison).

Today I will give you my Artifact Uprising review, and then next week my review of Picaboo!

I made Everett a first year book on Artifact Uprising. (My photos of the book are not the greatest, I haven't done any macro or product pictures before. Also I'm really embarrassed my nails aren't painted ;))

^^^I love the linen covers
^^^I made all the circles myself in photoshop
 ^^^Clean, minimalist design

^^^I did a few pages for each month, putting the highlights in one of the circles as the first page, followed by a few pages of my favorite photos from that month.

 ^^^I made a 'Firsts' page with all of the dates of firsts for him.

^^^One of my favorite pages.

  • Very high quality printing and pages, photos looked amazing
  • Simple, clean design
  • Site and book builder was really easy to use, just drag and drop photos
  • linen hardcovers 
  • Other options-instagram books, softcover books
  • Beautiful design choices for covers
  • A little pricier than other photo books
  • Not as much customization with adding text, layouts etc.
  • No double page spreads or lay flat pages
Overall, it is probably my favorite book I have ever made, mostly because it is all of Everett and documents his first year, but also AU was awesome to use, yes they can be a little more expensive but the quality is impeccable. It is a treasure, also something I would grab in a raging fire.

RIGHT now they are having a fall sale for 10% their books until Tuesday, their sales are few and far between and are always 10% off so take advantage.  Use code FALLSALE at checkout.


Brynn Snyder said...

YOu did such a great job! I love it!

Anonymous said...

that's gorgeous!!!!! do you have a tutorial for the little photoshop circles? or could you point me in the direction of where I could find one? they look so good! and how much was the book w/shipping and everything?

Bry Peterson said...

Ooooo so cute! Might have to try one of these books sometime!

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