Monday, November 3, 2014

43/52 44/52 +This is Halloween

 A Photo Series 'A picture of my child once a week, every week for a year'

Absolutely everything is a game these days

Baby Einstein {Halloween 2014}

Seriously, we were dying over this costume!!! He also totally nailed the finger pondering 'hmmm' pose! His beautiful hair was the inspiration and focal point of this costume obviously. His hair is my everything, and really the rest of the costume is just old man church clothes (my favorite) and a lab coat I fashioned out of a men's dress shirt (yes I hand sewed it myself, it is a hack job on the inside, I was using binder clips as pins, but it did the trick!). 

Holidays with kids is magic!!! We went trick or treating with Everett's cousins and Ben's mom who was luckily in town and by about the 5th house, Everett started to get the hang of it and watching them run house to house and try their very hardest to say 'trick or treat' gave me goosebumps (not the spooky kind). We also had a great time at a friends party afterwards, which I for some reason have no pictures of, my memory card was probably full from the 198619846 pictures I took of my little genius!
Now, let me just empty that memory card a little, if you will:
 ^^^The process
 ^^^A rare photo of Albert Einstein as a young toddler.


Mary Ann Ellis said...

Just love the photos. What a great time the cousins must have had on a fun night ! Love them to bits xxoo

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